Adin Ross is a Twitch streamer from the United States who is most known for his NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto V stream. Adin had a wonderful childhood day. He was fortunate enough to grow up in a beautiful and comfortable environment. He is an American citizen by nationality. With the money he earned, Adin and his family live a happy and opulent lifestyle.

Adin Ross Net Worth: $ 2 million

Adin Ross Net Worth
Adin Ross Net Worth

He makes money via streaming videos, creating gaming content, and posting on social media.

He was interested in gaming videos since he was a child, and according to the article, he launched his Twitch account in 2019 and began posting online gaming stuff. His channel name is “AdinHuncho,” and he is one of the most well-known characters. As an internet sensation, he has gained a great deal of attention over time.
Adin has always been attracted by internet gaming and hopes to be a professional player. Ross began frequently streaming on Twitch in January 2019 while living with his sister Naomi. As a result of joining an NBA 2K squad called Always Excelling, he met Bronny James.

He gained notoriety by streaming and wagering matches with other broadcasters and YouTubers. In 2020, when Ross and Bronny were streaming, LeBron James came over to join in, which he later posted on Twitter. After becoming disappointed with NBA 2K21 and its designers, Ross created the #make2kfunagain hashtag on Twitter, which became the most popular hashtag on the platform in November 2020. Meanwhile, Ross began hosting “e-date” streams, in which individuals compete to find dates over Discord, causing his Twitch account to rise even more.

Adin acquired 400k botted followers on a stream with Cheeser in December 2020. He did it, according to the botter, because he disliked Cheeser. He was then revealed to have used racial slurs at Adin’s friend Cuffem.

Ross revealed SSB World, his own GTA V server, in January 2021.

Adin Ross Net Worth
Adin Ross Net Worth


In April 2021, Adin’s Twitch channel has 3 million bot followers. Streams are regularly restricted as a result of bot attacks, however, Adin was spared. He got into a fight with Ludwig Ahgren and Sodapoppin. Ludwig and Sodapoppin have been accused of making disparaging remarks against Ross and his community. In retaliation, Ross banned Sodapoppin from his channel’s chat section. The YouTuber then referred to Ludwig as a nerd. Adin and rapper Foolio got into a fight in April. He mocked Foolio, his friends, and his brother in the song “Who I Smoke.” Foolio was tagged in Adin’s stream, and he found out about it. As a result, Adin apologized to Foolio, and the conflict ended. He had to repent once more after being caught singing the song on IG Live accidentally a week later. Then Foolio arrived on Din’s stream as a guest to officially resolve their rivalry.

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