Her full name is Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova. Anna Kournikova is a former professional tennis player from Russia who is well-known among tennis fans worldwide. She last competed in a grand slam tournament in 2009. Anna Kournikova was born on June 7, 1981, in Moscow, Russia, in the Soviet Union’s SFSR. Because of her talent and appealing appearance, Anna Sergeevna Kournikova is one of the most successful and well-known tennis players in the world.

Anna Kournikova Net Worth: $ 50 million

Anna Kournikova Net Worth
Anna Kournikova Net Worth

Anna Kournikova is the daughter of Sergey Kournikova and Alicornikova. Her father was a professor at the University of physical culture and a former Greek-Roman wrestling champion. Alan, her younger brother, is a world champion child golfer who was featured in the documentary film The Short Game in 2013.

Educational background

She graduated from a Russian high school in 1997 and went on to the Russian University of Physical Culture. Anna Kournikova is best known around the world as a former tennis player who, despite never winning a single title, reached number eight in the world in 2000. She had more success playing doubles, where she was at times the world’s number one player. She and her partner Martina Hingis won grand slam titles in Australia in 1999 and 2002, as well as the WTA championships in 1999 and 2000, and they are known as the spice girls of tennis. She retired at the age of 21.

Global ambassador

She is a global ambassador for Population Services International’s five and alive program, which helps children under the age of five and their families deal with health issues. She has high-end automobiles, a mansion, and other valuables.

Wife of famous singer Enrique Iglesias

Anna Kournikova is a married woman who has been married to singer Enrique Iglesias since 2001. They did not declare their relationship until 2008, were separated in 2013, but reunited in 2014. They have two twin children, Nicholas and Lucy, who were born on December 16, 2017, and another daughter, Mary Iglesias, who was born on January 30, 2020.

Anna Kournikova Net Worth
Anna Kournikova Net Worth

Her favorite foods are borshed and shashlik and her favorite artist is Alapeugachiva. She has a large fan base on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.


During her career, Anna won two singles titles and 16 doubles titles, as well as other competitions, rising to number eight in the world rankings. additionally, Anna has won awards such as WTA newcomer of the year and WTA doubles team of the year.

Background of an athlete’s family

Moreover, anna participates in a variety of additional activities that contribute to the growth of her network. Anna’s parents were both well-known athletes, therefore it’s likely that this affected her decision to pursue a career as a tennis player. Anna began playing tennis at a young age and steadily improved her skills.

She was a member of the Spartak tennis club where she began competing in various competitions at the age of eight years old and began attracting more and more attention from others to the point where she began training at the Nick Bollettieri tennis academy in Florida at the age of ten years old and won the European Championship four years later. Anna and Martina Hingis won the Australian doubles Grand Slam title, proving that she was also successful in doubles.

End of career
Unfortunately, Anna suffered several injuries in 2001 and was unable to play for a period of time. She recovered and was able to achieve even better results in 2002, when she and Martina Hingis won the Australian Open for the second time, increasing Anna’s net worth. Unfortunately, Anna suffered some serious injuries again and decided to end her professional tennis career, and she now participates in some charity events so that her fans can see her play, as well as appearing in a number of other projects; she has even appeared in the film At Me, Myself, and Irene, as well as the television show The Biggest Lover.

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