April Bowlby is an American television actress best known for playing Candy in the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. April is a gorgeous and talented lady, and she is one of those international celebrities that leave an indelible impression, even in little roles.

April Bowlby Net Worth: $ 2 million

April Bowlby Net Worth
April Bowlby Net Worth

April Bowlby’s full name is April Michelle Bowlby, and she was born on July 30th, 1980 in Vallejo, California. Her family was forced to relocate to Manteca, California when she was a child. Manteca is known as the family city, and it is a small agricultural town. April’s mother and father divorced when she was a child, and she stayed in Manteca with her mother, visiting her father in Arizona during the summers.

April is a lovely woman who has wowed the audience not only with her abilities but also with her grace and elegance. April Bowlby is a 39-year-old diva with bright blue eyes, fair skin, and blonde hair who was once a successful model. She stands five feet seven inches tall and is full of energy and hyperactivity who can put any plan into action April loves to keep herself busy both mentally and physically she is a fitness enthusiast.

Despite having played some dumb characters on television April Bowlby is a knowledgeable and articulate person who is very much into books.

April enjoys music and is a passionate David Bowie fan. diet plans by April Bowlby Being an actress and model requires a lot of dedication, especially when it comes to keeping your body in shape through a rigorous diet and a consistent workout routine.

April eats mostly greens and restricts her carb intake. Her main meal consists of avocados and eggs washed down with fresh juice.

April went to East Union High School, where she studied ballet and French. April Bowlby has a degree in marine biology from Moorpark college. She was extremely passionate about becoming a ballerina, for which she had to train extremely hard. At the age of 17, April broke her foot, which put a stop to her dream of becoming a ballerina. She was devastated, but her dream of becoming a successful artist remained.

April Bowlby moved to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling career. Shortly after arriving, she met her first love, actor photographer Randall Slavin, who, according to April, provided her with a lot of moral support and helped her connect with some of the best acting coaches and agents in the city. The relationship ended and the two parted ways later in her career.

April’s relationship status is currently single. She appears to be taking a break from the dating scene to concentrate on hit television shows.

April Bowlby Net Worth
April Bowlby Net Worth

Stage of acting

April Bowlby climbed into the big stage of acting with the help of a modeling career. She has collaborated with many renowned brands and made a name for herself in the modelling industry. April credits her first LA boyfriend, Randall Slavin, with helping her get into modeling and introducing her to the best acting coaches and agents in LA when she first began her Hollywood career.


April Bowlby began drama with Ivana Chubbuck, an American acting coach, to hone her skills. She landed a significant role as Candy in CBS’s super hit sitcom 2 and a half men within months of her first-ever audition, working alongside big names in the genre such as charlie sheen, John Cryer, and Angus t jones. Candy, Charlie’s young girlfriend who subsequently becomes Alan’s second wife, was played by her. Her character was well-liked by the audience, and she appeared in approximately 16 episodes of the show.

April claimed in an interview that acting in front of a live audience was much more enjoyable for her than acting in front of a camera.

Television debut

She made her television debut in 2004 with CSI. April earned her memorable part as Stacy Barretta in the drama for comedy television series Drop Dead Diva in 2006. The show starred Brooke Elliott and Jackson hurst among others. April Bowlby began her film career in 2008 with the drama film all roads lead home, in which she played Natasha, and later in 2009 with the comedy film the Slammin salmon, in which she played Mia.

In 2017, she played Olivia in angel Bracha’s romantic comedy from Prada to nada. April played Rebecca in season 10 episode 21 of The Big Bang Theory, and in 2018 she starred as Cece Phillips in the drama film Unbroken Path to Redemption.

April’s modelling and acting careers have both been successful.

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