Marcellus Alexander and Brandon Davenport started BAOBAB Clothing. BAOBAB is the most popular polo shirt brand in the world. In November of 2016, Baobab Clothing Inc. was established.

Baobab Polo Shirt Net Worth: $ 3 million


Vesta Mobile Solutions, Brandon’s first firm, was sold in 2010. He joined the corporate world and worked for companies such as American Express and DIRECTV. Brandon graduated from Morgan State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Brandon is a New York City inhabitant. Marcellus Alexander earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Hampton University. With Brandon, Marcellus co-founded Vesta Mobile Solutions. His professional path has been in the field of digital media sales and development. Marcellus presently serves as the Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development at Baobab Clothing Company.
BAOBAB is a DTC premium apparel company that creates unquestionably superior basics for every man’s wardrobe.
The Perfect Polo was the initial product, which combines versatility and durability with sustainability. These shirts can be worn 10-12 times before washing and the proprietary BAOTECH nanotech fabrication process ensures that the shirt is resistant to stains, odors, wrinkles, fading, collar curling, and fabric shrinking.

Baobob is a customer-focused e-commerce company that produces clearly superior polo shirts.

The shirt is completely resistant to stains odors shrinking and fading. They designed a stay flat no-curl collar. They also included a hidden microfiber cloth to clean off your glasses. They were very intentional about creating one product for their company. They wanted to make sure the product was obviously superior to any other polo shirt available. They used the best cotton in the world Peruvian Pima cotton.

Baobab Polo Shirt Net Worth
Baobab Polo Shirt Net Worth

The shirt is completely resistant to smartwatches or smartphones. They’ve created undeniably better products starting with the polo shirt, a world-class customer experience, a closed-loop supply chain, and specialties in product development that allow them to ensure that they’re operating as efficiently as possible.

They’ve had 800 growth over two years, their product is best in class, and finally, it’s them, it’s their vision as founders.

Their shirts sold $700,000 in 2020, and the founders estimate that revenue will reach $3 million in 2021. The founders appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2019 to promote their $98 polo. They’ve since raised $100,000 using the Republic crowdfunding platform.

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