The animal activist is the only daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter, having been born in 1998.

Bindi Irwin Net Worth : $ 3 million

Bindi Irwin Net Worth
Bindi Irwin Net Worth

Her father was stung by a stingray and died when she was just eight years old. The news of his demise stunned the entire world. No one expected a man who spent so much time up close and personal with crocs, alligators, and the world’s most dangerous animals to die from a sting ray’s barb, but that’s exactly what happened. When the crocodile hunter was slain, it was his daughter who delivered a moving eulogy.

She’s grown up and is living her own life now. Her net worth is the product of a successful and extended career.

She first appeared on television when she was two years old when she made guest appearances on her father’s show. She’s done animal specials, starring in films like “Return to Nim’s Island,” and even appeared on daytime TV.

She made history in 2008 when she became the youngest person in Canada to win a daytime Emmy for her participation in a daytime television show.

She always favored animals over anything else as a child. Bindi Irwin, like her father, isn’t afraid to get up and personal with animals, however, her mother and those in her life today ensure that the animals with which she spends her time are far less dangerous than those with which her father worked throughout his life.

She isn’t a famous actor by any means, but her animal shows, fitness DVD, and television roles have helped her accumulate a sizable net worth for a young woman her age.

She just revealed that she will compete in the upcoming 21st season of the popular reality show Dancing with the Stars. Bindi Irwin isn’t a dancer, but there’s a good chance she’ll make it far enough into the program to really get to know her, especially since fans have such a strong bond with this young child who lost her father when she was so young.

In 2007, Bindi hosted the documentary film “My Daddy the Crocodile Hunter” in honor of her father, and she was inspired to launch her own TV show, “Bindi: The Jungle Girl,” in both America and Australia.

Bindi Irwin Net Worth
Bindi Irwin Net Worth

Later, she appeared on a number of talk shows, including the iconic ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’ With her mother, she was also a part of the story ‘Planet’s Best with Terri and Bindi.’
Bindi’s other notable achievements include the release of her own training video, ‘Bindi Kidfitness,’ the introduction of her own clothing brand, “Bindi Wear,” appearing in the family film ‘Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove’ (2010), and winning the 2015 ‘Dancing With the Stars competition.

Every year on November 15, the Irwin family and supporters have a “Steve Irwin Day” service and continue Steve Irwin’s memory by supporting the ‘Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Charity,’ which was created in 2002.

Bindi has been dating wakeboarder, Chandler Powell, since 2015, and the couple married in 2018.
Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell, her fiancé, are now married. The pair married at the Australian Zoo.

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