Bitsbox provides coding projects for kids to learn how to create video games, greeting cards, simulations, and more. It is suitable for youngsters ages 6 to 14 years old. Each Bitsbox comes with a handy Grownup Guide that explains the month’s new coding principles and commands.

Bitsbox Net Worth: $ 1 million

Bitsbox Net Worth
Bitsbox Net Worth

Bitsbox was established in 2014 by two former Google employees who wanted to teach children to code. Their concept was to combine beautifully designed example projects with a simple website where kids could create apps and share them with friends and family. Sending projects by mail on a regular basis keeps youngsters engaged and makes coding more accessible.

Today, the Bitsbox team in Boulder, Colorado, consists of 12 men and women with backgrounds in coding, fine art, biology, theatre, graphic design, engineering, architecture, business, and literature.

Aiden Chopra, co-founder of Bitsbox. Bitsbox is a subscription box that teaches kids how to code on a monthly basis. Based on their age and needs, a variety of packages are available (animals, robots, etc.). Bitsbox’s two founders, former Google employees Scott Lininger and Aidan Chopra, pitched their startup on Shark Tank in February 2017. After the Shark Tank episode aired, Bitsbox was able to get the funding it needed to expand (from “non-celebrity” investors). Three more employees have been hired, and their office space has been expanded to include a video studio. They’ve also added over ten new features to the Bitsbox API app recently.

Bitsbox Net Worth
Bitsbox Net Worth

Developed a coding-based educational platform for children aimed at strengthening their basic computational and coding abilities. The company’s platform offers a monthly subscription-based box that teaches grade-schoolers how to program an application utilizing a website, a mobile phone, or a tablet, making learning to code and build applications simple for children.

The cool thing about this box is that many only works for one child, but this one works for multiple children so they can each do their own project because you can create their own account on this free bits box website, which says to get started you need to find the bits box card, the how-to bits box card, and then you need to follow the instructions and have fun with this how-to bits box.

The language of coding

On this coding website, they use JavaScript and HTML, but it’s not full JavaScript, thus they’re using naked JavaScript.

Bitsbox will send your child a skill-appropriate Bitsbox every month. Each package includes projects for real-world apps that your kids can make for real-world devices. If you have an internet connection, Bitsbox will take care of the rest. Projects can be performed alone or with others, and the final output can be played on a real device with a quick zap! That’s Bitsbox: the excitement of real-world software development fueled by letters!

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