The Bogdanoffs are identical twin brothers who are best known for their involvement in a theoretical physics disagreement and for producing the science fiction television series “Temps X.” On 4chan, the brothers are linked to the Bogpill, a list of outlandish conspiracy theories.

Bogdanoff Twins Net Worth: $ 2 million

Bogdanoff Twins Net Worth
Bogdanoff Twins Net Worth

The Bogdanoff twins created and presented the popular French science fiction series “Temps X” in the 1980s. After that, he moved on to work on a number of additional projects. “Project X13,” “Rayon X,” “Science X,” and “Science 2” are among the other programs the brothers have created. The twins were accused of falsifying information for their Ph.D. thesis in 2002, resulting in the Bogdanoff Affair, an iconic academic debate. Rumors began to circulate that the twins planned the hoax in order to draw attention to flaws in the academic community’s peer review system.

Beginning in the 1990s, the press began to make comments about the brothers’ altered appearances, implying that they had undergone cosmetic surgery. The brothers refuted the allegations of implants, Botox, and fillers, stating instead that they had been exposed to radiation in the United States. Some fans speculated that the alterations in facial shape were due to acromegaly, a rare hormonal illness, but others believed that there had to be an operation or numerous procedures to justify such drastic changes.

Journalists described them as strange and said they resembled cat people. They also noted that the twins’ face modifications are strikingly similar to those of other celebrities who have acknowledged undergoing cosmetic surgery. Reddit and 4chan members have been instrumental in the twins’ online visibility. Their plastic surgery over the decades was documented in a 2015 post on the WTF subreddit.

Beginning in 2016, images of the twins were posted on 4chan’s politics board, and over the years, lists of conspiracy theories regarding the brothers appeared on the site. The Bogdanoffs, for example, are aware of aliens, possess psychic talents, and will lead humanity into a new era of learning, peace, and love.

There are few faces more instantly identifiable in the world of crypto memes than the Bogdanov twins’. The Bogdanov twins first rose to fame in the 1980s as heartthrob French television hosts. Many years and many faces later, they have found infamy on the internet.

Igor and Gritska Bogdanoff, identical twins, were born in 1949 and received a great shout-out from Serve Shark for sponsoring. Their father, Yuri Bogdanov, was a Russian painter and descendant of the noble Russian Bogdanov family, and the twins were raised by their maternal grandmother, a French countess who lived in a castle in the Gascony region of France, so the twins come from a pretty affluent background.

As teenagers, the twins were known to be extremely studious, spending countless days studying and learning foreign languages, particularly the two took Both twins are expected to study maths and physics in college and acquire doctoral degrees.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff rose to notoriety as hosts of the French science fiction program Temps X from the 1970s to the 1980s. After the series concluded in 1987, the brothers grew enamored with plastic surgery and attempted to become legitimate scientists with mixed results. After being diagnosed with COVID-19, both twins died within a week of each other.

Although Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff were born into aristocracy, their mother was outcast by her family after having an affair with an African-American singer. They were born on August 29, 1949, in France. Their mother purportedly translated for German forces controlling the region during the twins’ early years, however, she also claimed to have been sheltering Jewish refugees. Despite her separation from her noble family, the mother of the Bogdanoff twins maintained a strong relationship with their grandfather. Their grandfather was a well-known singer in Paris, and when they were five years old, their mother took them to see him.

When the twins were older, they were heavily influenced by their grandfather when they decided to pursue a career in the French show business.

The Bogdanoff twins both became entertainers, following in their grandfather’s footsteps. Igor and Grichka rose to fame as hosts of the French science fiction series Temps X, thanks to their natural good looks and charisma. In addition to hosting the show, the brothers also contributed as writers. The show debuted in 1979 on France’s most popular television channel and quickly became a hit. The show was scheduled to run till 1987. The Bogdanoff twins would become well-known as a result of their role on the show over a long period of time. The Bogdanoff twins began studying mathematics at a Paris institute before making it big with their combined hosting role on Temps X. Following their time with Temps X, the twins went on to further their education throughout the 1990s.

Despite not being the finest students and failing multiple times, the brothers were able to obtain PhDs around the turn of the century. The twins believed that after their time on Temps X ended, they might profit on the success of the scientific series by becoming the legitimate theoretical physicists they’d always wanted to be. Unfortunately, the Bogdanoff twins did not prove to be excellent scientists in the eyes of their academic peers, and their time on Temps X did not earn them any scientific credit. Temps X, which premiered at the end of the 1970s, was as corny as any other science fiction television show at the time.

The show was an odd way for producers to advertise foreign science fiction material to the show’s target audience of French people. The Bogdanoff twins would appear as hosts on a phony-looking set that was supposed to resemble a spaceship. The brothers would then dress up as astronauts and introduce episodes of various different science fiction shows from throughout the world, some of which were altered, such as Star Trek and The Twilight Zone. The Bogdanoff twins’ presence made foreign programming easier to absorb for the French television viewers, and the brothers’ distinctive, angular looks made them heartthrobs. Regrettably, the twins’ natural appearance would be ruined afterward. By establishing an unhealthy addiction to plastic surgery, Temps X came to an end.

Bogdanoff Twins Net Worth
Bogdanoff Twins Net Worth

Despite the fact that the brothers’ usage of plastic surgery later in life was so extensive that anyone glancing at their appearance could tell, they both denied ever going under the knife. The Bogdanoff twins worked hard to persuade the world that they’d never had surgery, and they continued to do so until their recent deaths. Temps X included material from Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who in addition to Star Trek and The Twilight Zone. After the show ended in 1987, the brothers did not have another big hosting position until 2002, when they were offered a new show, Rayons X. The brothers hosted a 90-minute presentation on cosmology that aired on French television in 2004. Between hosting Temps X and Rayons X, the brothers had earned their PhDs, albeit receiving the lowest possible grade.

Igor Bogdanoff married twice and had six children during his lifetime. Igor had four of these children with his first wife, and the other two with his second. Igor was involved in a scandal with a young girlfriend before his divorce from his second wife was finalized in 2018. In 2017, Igor was embroiled in more controversy following a connection he allegedly began with Julie Jardon, a 23-year-old biology student. Igor was in his late 60s at the time, but the age difference wasn’t what made the relationship so contentious.

Instead, Igor was jailed for breaking into the girl’s apartment after they’d broken up, causing a stir.


The twins gained fame in the scientific community after co-authoring a book called keys to science fiction. This book sold well and put Bogdanov’s on the map in terms of science entertainment-related media, which leads us to the next point. The Bogdanov first gained mainstream fame in 1979 as hosts of the hit French television show temps x or time x let me see yes x, which was an educational pop-science show that discussed topics of hard science and science fiction. It was one of the first majorly successful science-related programs in French television history, and the show’s popularity gave Bogdanov a unique reputation in French pop culture by the public. While many doubted their work, it was finally accepted, and the scientists who initially attacked the twins ended up apologizing for creating the peer review [__] storm, thus it all ended up being a huge nothing burger.

One of the most examined aspects of the twins’ appearance throughout the years has been their physical appearance. When compared to previous images, the twins have become nearly physically unrecognizable, and it’s widely assumed that this is the consequence of massive plastic surgery. Some speculate that the twins may have acromegaly, a condition caused by growth hormone irregularities that can result in enlarged bone structure.


On December 15th, 2021, Grichka Bogdanoff was admitted to the hospital with COVID-19. He died on December 28th, surrounded by loved ones, from problems associated with the virus at the age of 72, and his brother Igor died just six days later after being hospitalized for COVID-19.

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