Boomer Esiason is one of Maryland’s and the ACC’s most successful quarterbacks, leading the Terrapins to the 1983 ACC championship and back-to-back bowl game appearances under head coach Bobby Ross. He was named to the Sporting News’ second-team all-America team in 1983 and set 17 school records during his career. After college, Esiason enjoyed a 14-year pro career, including leading Cincinnati to Super Bowl 23 in 1988, where he was named MVP of the National Football League.

Boomer Esiason Net Worth: $ 20 million

Boomer Esiason Net Worth
Boomer Esiason Net Worth

Norman Julius Boomer Season is a former American football quarterback and sports pundit who spent 14 seasons in the National Football League, predominantly with the Cincinnati Bengals.

He was drafted in the second round of the 1984 NFL selection and spent 10 non-consecutive seasons with the Bengals. During the season, he also played for the New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals. He is the last Bengals quarterback to lead the team to a postseason victory, doing so in 1990. He was named to four pro bowls and won first-team all-pro accolades during his playing career. After nine seasons in Cincinnati, he spent three seasons with new york and one season with Arizona before returning to the Bengals for his final season in 1997, when he won NFL most valuable player and led the team to a super bowl appearance in super bowl 23 which ended in a tight defeat.

Arizona Cardinals

Boomer Esiason spent one of his 14 seasons in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals, and for the most part, it confirmed that, at age 35, his best years were behind him. The skills that had made him one of the league’s better quarterbacks in his prime had eroded, and he found himself in competition with journeyman Kent Graham for the starting job.

Trade-in New York Jets

The Bengals traded Esiason to the New York Jets for a third-round pick in the 1993 draught on March 17, 1993. (used to take Steve Tovar from Ohio State, who started as a middle linebacker for over three seasons). OT Anthony Munoz, WR Tim McGee, and TE Rodney Holman were all part of the trade. It was a homecoming for the Long Island native, who was also reunited with Bruce Coslet, the Jets’ head coach, who had served as Esiason’s offensive coordinator during his best seasons in Cincinnati.

After boomer had back-to-back atrocious games in the middle of the season where he went 11 for 33 with 109 yards no touchdowns two picks and an 18.4 pass to ready in a loss to the jets and went 12 for 25 with 64 yards no touchdowns two picks and a 21.2 passer rating a loss to the jets, David Klinger, hoping to be the successor at the position, had the worst year of his career as he threw more touchdowns and interceptions while Next year, mike brown had every intention of completing a trade before the season began, all he needed to do was find a trade partner, which is where the new york jets come into play, and as part of the trade, a bizarre clause will be put in place, which will make for a crazy finish to the upcoming season when the league year officially began in March, the jets sealed the deal and completed a trade with the Bengals to acquire boomer’s talent, while one side.

The offensive coordinator for the Bengals at the time, Bruce Cousin, was there with Boomer during that time period. Boomer’s passing rating was 87.3 in 1988, which is the midway of those years (we eliminate 1987 because of the scout game strike that messed everything up in the league). In 1992, the average passer rating was 72.9, up roughly two points from the previous year. So, according to theory one, the condition was put in place to suggest that if Boomer plays as he did under Kozlet, the Bengal should be reimbursed more after accounting for the error and the growing quarterback play. The second theory is a little more straightforward: in 1992, four quarterbacks had a passer rating above 89, but only Steve Young, Chris Miller, Troy Aikman, and Warren Moon did so. If Boomer had a passer rating of 89, he would most likely be a top-five quarterback in the league, and if he plays at a top five level, the Bengals should be compensated more. Whatever the situation was, the 89 passer rating rule was in place, but Boomer had been horrible the previous two seasons, throwing more interceptions and touchdowns. His previous rating in 1992 was 57, which was not only the lowest of his career but also ranked 23rd out of 25 qualified quarterbacks. It was so bad that it was only one point higher than what Browning Nagel did, and since rounding the angle stunk, surely this clause wasn’t going to come into play. In 1993, be prepared for a wonderful surprise.

Boomer Esiason Net Worth
Boomer Esiason Net Worth

Boomer had completely recovered and was looking like one of the best quarterbacks in all of football through 13 games the jets were 8-5 considering they were 4-12 the year before and looked outright incompetent at times the jets being good was somewhat surprising and a big reason for that bounce back was because boomer who not only won the starting spot over brownie nagel but also played really well in a game against the patriots The good news for the jets was that they finally had a good quarterback play as boomer was telling the pro bowl for the fourth time in his career, the bad news was that that second round conditional pick was looking extremely likely to convey the jets lost their next two games after an 8-5 start to fall to 8-7 the only game they had left was the sunday night football battle on espn against the houston oilers from a draught pick standpoint all eyes were on boomer his passer rating Maybe it’s because not playing Boomer would have made it appear as if he wasn’t trying to undermine another team in the season finale of seminar football, koslin was adamant about boomer playing, saying, “If you think I’d pull him out of the game or do anything like that to hurt our team’s chances to win because of his ratings, you’re full of it.” He went on to say that boomer not only gives the jets the best chance to win the game, but that he wasn’t going to compromise his integrity or professionalism, and that anyone who suggested otherwise is insane.”

After retirement

Since his retirement from football, he has worked as a football analyst for CBS Sports on the NFL today and showtimes inside the NFL, as well as ABC, HBO, and Westwood, won.

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