Caroline Stanbury was born in London, England, on April 28th, 1976.

Caroline Stanbury Net Worth: $ 30 million

Caroline Stanbury Net Worth
Caroline Stanbury Net Worth

Anthony and Elizabeth Stanbury were her parents when she was born. Anthony, her father, is a venture financier who previously worked for the high-end fashion business Jaeger as a managing director. Her mother, Elizabeth, used to own a cashmere knitwear company. Stanbury began her work as a successful personal stylist.

She expanded her contacts all over the world, from small-scale artisans to fashion and interior designers, in a short period of time. She started her own firm, Gift Library, in 2008, after achieving success in the fashion industry.

Caroline formerly worked for one of London’s most prestigious groups as a public relations specialist. During that time, she was able to establish a good reputation among London’s upper crust. In 2013, she extended her wedding business by purchasing “The Wedding Shop,” a U.K.-based independent wedding list service.

Caroline rose to prominence after appearing on Bravo TV’s reality show “Ladies of London” as one of the cast members.

In June of 2014, the reality series began broadcasting, following the lives of seven high-profile women living in London. After the series ended in 2017, she and the other six women resumed their usual lives away from the camera.

Caroline is rumored to be returning to reality television. According to rumors, she will be one of the cast members of the “Real Housewives of Dubai.” During an interview on the NBC show “Today,” Andy Cohen, the executive producer of the Real Housewives, announced the new version of the reality series in Dubai.

Caroline Stanbury Net Worth
Caroline Stanbury Net Worth

Cast member

Stanbury is now a cast member of Bravo’s reality television show Ladies of London, which premiered in June 2014. Caroline Stanbury’s company, “The Gift Library of Caroline Stanbury,” was sold to a competitor, Amara, and the name would be changed to


Stanbury opened The Wedding Shop, a bridal boutique in London, in 2013. She also has franchise locations in Selfridges on Oxford Street and Brown Thomas in Dublin, Ireland.

Caroline Stanbury married Turkish Cem Habib, a financier by profession, in 2004 following a year-long courtship. She relocated out of Holland Park, London to Wentworth Estate, Virginia Water with her husband and three children, Yasmine Habib, Zack Habib, and Aaron Habib, after growing tired of living in London and finding it impossible to strike a work-family life balance.

Stanbury has previously been linked to actors Hugh Grant and Prince Andrew, as well as footballer Ryan Giggs. A creditor, Stonecliffe Rock Limited, is reported to have called in the debt after being enraged by a slew of selfies of Stanbury taken at parties.

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