West Coast is a rapper, composer, actor, model, and television personality from the United States. This reality star-turned-rapper may not be on the A-List, but she has dabbled in both reality TV and music and has carved a reputation for herself in the entertainment industry for years.

Chanel West Coast Net Worth: $ 3 million

Chanel West Coast Age
Chanel West Coast Age

In 2015, she told MTV, “Chelsea Chanel Dudley is my entire name. Chelsea Dudley, in my opinion, does not sound like a rapper. Chanel is obviously catchy, but it’s also allegedly overused, which is how West Coast’s stage name got an unexpected and unintentional addition. She discovered that, like all the best email addresses, no variants of her name were available when she was trying to choose a URL for her Myspace music page early in her career.

While the actress clearly had a unique bond with her mother as a child, she also had a great relationship with her father, but for a different reason. When West Coast wasn’t with her mother, she stayed with her father, who worked as a DJ in New York City. When he performed at clubs, he would bring his eight-year-old daughter along, and she had happy recollections of sitting under the DJ booth while the rest of the crowd celebrated. The woman who went on to become a rapper recounted how the experience influenced her.

West Coast isn’t hesitant about her marijuana use. In fact, marijuana has been a part of the actress’s life since she was a child, and her family relied on it to get by. West Coast stated that her mother grew marijuana for additional money at one point. It’s unknown whether West Coast was aware of her mother’s unlawful actions at the time, but she did say that she began smoking marijuana when she was 11 years old.

While West Coast’s usage of cannabis appears to have been a part of her life in the years since, she addressed it when she was confronted with a tragedy in 2020.

Chanel West Coast, like many other celebrities, received an unconventional schooling. She was homeschooled for the last two years of high school, and she was able to explore her creative interests with all of the extra time she had at home. This includes her burgeoning rapping career, which she began at the age of 14. She took dancing and singing lessons while listening to a lot of hip-hop music to help her develop her skills. She eventually went public with her music on her MySpace page when she was 17, and had a career breakthrough in 2012. That’s when Lil Wayne invited Chanel to his Miami studio to perform some of her songs for him. He must have liked what he heard since West Coast was signed to his label. It’s debatable if she grew up to be a female Eminem, but her work with Lil Wayne’s label has her name mentioned alongside famous names like Drake and Nicki Minaj, which is fairly amazing.

Chanel West Coast is known for her roles on MTV’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness, but the rapper believes that her televised appearances have harmed her music career.

While being on MTV could aid the star’s hip hop ambitions, the network apparently refuses to promote her music, and she didn’t hold back in calling them “so ignorant and, like, nasty and unpleasant.” When West Coast was finally given the opportunity to get her music in front of her TV fans thanks to VH-1’s Love & Hip Hop, it appeared that her stint as a sidekick had paid off. She was able to focus on her own love and personality for the first time.

Chanel West Coast’s rap career may have been derailed early on due to her television appearances. She may, however, have failed to find success in the music industry for another reason. At the same time as the “I Be Like” performer was trying to build a name for herself, another rapper with a similar appearance was gaining popularity. Iggy Azalea is the rapper in question.

Chanel West Coast Age
Chanel West Coast Age

West Coast, who was 25 at the time, was dissatisfied with her career and argued with her producer over whether she needed to change her image to be more like Azalea. In comparing the musicians, a LA Weekly piece from 2014 stated, rather cynically, “Both of them have a lot in common. Both cultivate an image that is equal parts baller and cheerleader; both borrow hip-hop clichés to a fairly tedious effect: middle-class white women rapping about their battle to obtain labels and diamonds is about as edgy as a Sex and the City film.” Ouch. Despite their similarities, Azalea was the more dominating artist at the time, with hit singles like “Fancy” propelling her to the top of the Billboard charts.

Given her years in the entertainment world, Chanel West Coast should know a lot of powerful people in the sector.

Despite her professional connections and position on a well-known label, she does not appear to have possessed Wayne’s phone number. Aside from that, she wasn’t feeling the love from the other artists on the label at the time of the 2014 profile.

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