Cooper Kupp has not only been the standout of Eastern Washington’s football squad, but he may also be the greatest fcs player ever.

Cooper Kupp Age: 28 years old

Cooper Kupp Age
Cooper Kupp Age

His Coach

Cooper Kupp was taught by former Eastern Washington head coach Beau Baldwin in college, and the coach was astounded by the wide receiver’s work ethic and willingness to improve. Before spring practises, Kupp began practising for the next NCAA football season in February. In the weight room, he was usually the sole Eastern Washington player. He would spend time indoors, in addition to exercising weights, catching tennis balls tossed to him by a ball machine.

Kupp was able to improve his timing and hands as a result of it. If he could catch a tennis ball thrown at him at fast speed, the football tossed to him on the football field would resemble a beach ball. Kupp would often be found alone in the film room, according to Baldwin, watching game and practise tape over and over. The wide receiver didn’t simply look at his own footage. He also kept an eye on the other players to see what they did on each play.

When Kupp graduated from Eastern Washington, he had 6,464 receiving yards, the most of any college receiver at any level. With 428 receptions and 73 receiving touchdowns, Kupp set Football Championship Subdivision records. During his time at Eastern Washington, Kupp caught at least two passes in each of his 52 games. Due to a lack of eye-popping high school metrics, Kupp wound up at Eastern Washington. His pace was much below what big and mid-sized Division 1 schools were looking for, which didn’t help matters. Kupp was not heavily recruited out of high school and did not rank nationally as a high school football player. In fact, the future Los Angeles Rams wide receiver was not even considered a must-sign high school football player in Washington.

NFL Background

Both Kupp’s grandfather and father were NFL players. Craig Kupp, his father, was a quarterback for the New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals, and Dallas Cowboys, among other teams. Craig Kupp was a practise squad player for the Giants after being chosen in 1990. In 1991, he played for the Cardinals and the Cowboys before joining the World League of American Football in 1992, when he played for the San Antonio Riders and the Montreal Machine. From 1964 until 1975, Cooper Kupp’s grandfather, Jake Kupp, played for the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta Falcons. In 1991, he was inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame as an offensive lineman.

Collegiate football

When Kupp committed to Eastern Washington, he wasn’t considered good enough to play collegiate football. He had attempted to sell himself through websites and services dedicated to football recruiting. He sent game tapes to a big list of college coaches, but no one responded. Eastern Washington gave Kupp a scholarship three weeks after his senior year of football, just ahead of Idaho State. Most top high school players receive offers long before their senior years, but Kupp had to wait until his senior year was through to receive an offer.

Kupp’s 40-yard sprint time at the NFL Combine was 4.62 seconds. However, his times of 4.08 seconds in the 20-yard shuttle and 6.75 seconds in the three-cone drill were excellent. When the LA Rams coaching staff met down with Kupp for an interview at the Combine, he blew them away. He spoke to them in a way that none of the other players did. Sean McVay, the head coach, claimed he was conversing with a wide receivers coach rather than a football player.

The ACL injury

During his time with the Los Angeles Rams, Kupp has proven to be a tough player. The wide receiver’s most recent injury layoff occurred during the 2018 season. In November, he tore his ACL Grade 3 and had to miss the Rams’ final six games of the season. The ACL was surgically repaired, prompting Kupp to undergo a four-month rehabilitation programme. Kupp spent a lot of his time off in the weight gym, trying to regain leg strength. The ACL injury, according to Kupp, showed him patience because it wasn’t an ailment he could recover from the next week.

Cooper Kupp Age
Cooper Kupp Age

Changed his number

Before the 2020 NFL season, Kupp changed his number. Since being picked by the Rams in 2017, he had worn the number 18 jersey. He did, however, choose number 10, his Eastern Washington University phone number. Kupp asked supporters who had purchased his number 18 jersey from NFL Shop and Rams Shop to send in proof of purchase, knowing that a large number of fans had already done so. After that, fans were given a mailing address to send their old Kupp jerseys to. After receiving the old jersey, the material was recycled into custom-made outfits by Kupp and his wife, Anna, through the clothing firm “Refried Apparel.”

Los Angeles Rams

Kupp is two years into a $47 million contract with the Los Angeles Rams. His base income is only $1.5 million, despite the hefty contract. The bulk of Kupp’s contract, which pays him over $14 million in base salary, won’t be paid until next season. The Rams have the option to pay Kupp’s deal, which would cost them about $35 million, before the 2023 season.


Kupp married Anna Croskrey, his college love, in June of 2015. Kupp and Croskrey met and began dating while attending Eastern Washington University. While still students at Eastern Washington University, the pair married. Kupp wore an Eastern Washington Eagles football helmet and sprinted down the aisle with his new wife on his back at their wedding.

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