Cris Collinsworth is a former NFL player who now works as a sports broadcaster and entrepreneur. In the 1980s, he was a wide receiver with the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals for eight seasons. He went into broadcasting after retiring from active play and can be seen on NFL Network, Showtime, and NBC.

Cris Collinsworth Net Worth: $ 20 million

Cris Collinsworth Net Worth
Cris Collinsworth Net Worth

Abraham Lincoln “Abe” Collinsworth and Donetta Browing Collinsworth are his parents. Cris father’s name may pique your interest, but don’t be fooled; he was born on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, and Cris grandparents named him after the president out of complete respect.

Cris Collinsworth was born into a well-educated household with one sibling, his mother a high school teacher, and his father a high school teacher and coach who later went on to become a principal and then an assistant superintendent.

Collinsworth’s family moved to Titusville, Florida, when he was four years old, where he and his brother grew up. Astronaut High School was Cris’s alma mater. Cris Collinsworth is most known for his work as a sportscaster, but he also holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Cincinnati College of Law, which he earned in 1991.

Collinsworth, Cris Chris Collinsworth’s stature is far too outstanding for him to be an athlete. Cris has been interested in football since he was in high school, owing to his height and the fact that his father was an athlete.

He was already a top player during his time at the University of Florida, and he was inducted into the University of Florida Student Hall of Fame in 1981. He was also named a Gator Great in 1991 by the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame.

His professional career had not yet begun. He was picked in the second round of the 1981 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals, where he played his whole eight-year NFL career. Cris Collinsworth took a step toward a broadcasting career after retiring from the NFL.

Cris Collinsworth Net Worth
Cris Collinsworth Net Worth

He began his career as a sports radio talk show host on WLW in Cincinnati. He was a guest host for Bob Trumpy before taking over the show full-time when Trumpy accepted more television commitments. Cris Collinsworth has worked on a variety of shows across multiple channels during his broadcasting career. Let’s take a look at a few of the most notable. He joined HBO’s (now Showtime) Inside NFL program in 1989.

After NBC lost their broadcast rights to CBS, he was featured on NFL on Fox in 1998. During football season in 2006, Criss was shown on three different networks. Cris Collinsworth was a commentator for the NBC broadcasts of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, with Bob Costas. During the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, Cris and Bod reunited.

Achievements and Awards

Cris has acquired a number of honorary titles. He got his first Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Studio Analyst in April 1998, and the second one in 1999. His name was then put into the Academic All-America Hall of Fame in 2001. He won his third and fourth Sports Emmy Awards as Outstanding Personality/Studio Analyst in a row in 2003 and 2004. He won his fifth Emmy in the same category in May 2006.

Collinsworth is a husband and father. Holly Baknkemper is his wife. The pair met at the University of Cincinnati, where they were both pursuing their degrees. Cris graduated in 1991, while Holly graduated in 1988. Holly Collinsworth, like Cris Collinsworth, has a law degree and, unlike her husband, continues to practice law.
Cris and Holy have four children, two sons and two daughters, Austin, Ashely, Katie, and Jack, who has come a long way. He was recently promoted to grandfather as well.

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