The King of Instagram is a gun-toting playboy and grown-up version of Richie Rich. His father, Paul Bilzerian, was a corporate takeover specialist once estimated to be worth $400 million dollars, despite the fact that the figure was fudged.

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth: $ 200 million

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth
Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

Many of his financial escapades are always on display via his Instagram page.

The rich life of Dan Bilzerian, the king of Instagram

He entered the navy seals training after high school but was dropped two days before graduation for a safety violation on shooting grounds, he doesn’t have the best aim following going broke in his sophomore year at the University of Florida. Dan’s brother Adam taught him how to fly by the age of eight. His father had five jets. He’s really skilled at making money. In 2009, he competed in the WSOP main event and finished in 180th place, winning 36 626 in his sole live tournament win since then. Bilzerian is reportedly said to have won $10.8 million in a single night of poker and a total of $50 million in 2014.


Dan sponsored his friend and fellow poker player Jay Farber with $2,000 to enter an event in 2013; Farber finished second in the event and gave dan one million dollars of his winnings to discuss her return on investment. He has also appeared in the films Olympus has fallen, lone survivor, the other woman, and equalizer; he actually helped fund the film lone survivor with one million dollars and demanded at least one scene.

His Mansion

His Bellar mansion is 31 000 square feet and required a crew of 300 people four years to build. Inside, there are four bowling alley lanes and an infinity pool with a view of the lake. You’d think a man would be satisfied with 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, and the world’s largest residential television, but that didn’t stop him from buying a 9 400 square foot house in Las Vegas with a secure gun vault that can hold a thousand guns underground parking, a built-in backyard grill, and the sins of a thousand dollars.

His Weapons

Speaking of guns, it’s a recurring theme in his life. He got his first gun when he was six years old and was arrested in high school for bringing an m16 machine gun to school in the trunk of his car. He once wrote on Instagram, “My greatest fear is that someone will break in and I won’t be able to decide what gun to shoot them with.” On September 4th, burglars broke into Bilzerian’s home, spray painting the cameras and heading straight for the gun closet. Luckily, he had a top-of-the-line security system, and the police were there within minutes.

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth
Dan Bilzerian Net Worth


Looking at his Instagram, it’s clear that cars are also a huge passion for him, and with the amount he spends on them, it’s easy to see why he has a 1965 Shelby Cobra worth two million dollars, a Rolls Because cannabis is legal in this country.

Whether by chance or via pure commercial acumen and talent Dan Bilzerian has established a life that millions of men aspire to every day, despite the fact that he may not be the best role model given his $5 million loss on a coin flip.

Dan Bilzerian has a lifestyle that is as controversial as it is appealing, a lifestyle that has earned him a lot of money.

Dan Bilzerian’s net worth has been estimated to be about a hundred million dollars by several. Bilzerian claims to have made the majority of his income via poker games, but not everyone believes him because the public rarely gets to see him play. Bilzerian has only won one live recorded poker event in 2009, when he competed in the WSOP main event and finished in 180th place, winning only $36,000. This does not speak well for his poker talents, and now he claims to exclusively play private cash games with non-professionals. Unfortunately, the system prevents anyone from tracking his winnings or income.

Bilzerian claimed on Twitter that he won 10.8 million dollars in a single night of poker in November 2013 and 150 million dollars in 2014, but he also says that he no longer plays against professionals. All of these claims are unchallenged but unsubstantiated.

Source of money

Most people believe that while Bilzerian may have made some money from poker, the majority of his income likely came from a different source and that he went out of his way to avoid associating closely with poker players just to ensure that the celebrities and business people in the underground games

Dan Bilzerian’s early life details seem more like a marvel comic’s origin story than a biography of a real person in chapter two. Dan grew up in a mansion half the size of Buckingham Palace in Tampa, Florida, with an indoor basketball court, lakeside views, and a swimming pool. His father, who was descended from Armenian diaspora survivors, owned a robotics company among other investments. Paul Bilzerian, a high school dropout, served in Vietnam before attending Stamford University and Harvard Business School.

Mr. Bilzerian took over Singako, a Connecticut manufacturer, in 1988 and became its chairman by then the sec had subpoenaed his records in a broad investigation of takeovers and wall street trading in 1988 he faced federal criminal charges of concealing information in a broad investigation of takeovers and wall street trading in 1988 he faced federal criminal charges of concealing information in a broad investigation of takeovers and wall street trading in 1988 he faced federal criminal charges of concealing information in Prosecutors said that his actions injured other investors by leaving them in the dark and selling target business stock at a discount.


Mr. Bilzerian was convicted of fraud conspiracy and making false statements to the sec in 1989. He paid a 1.5 million dollar fine and received a four-year prison sentence, which he served for 13 months. He has long maintained that the conviction was incorrect, in part because no one was actually hurt by his actions. He appealed legal setbacks, tangled regulators with dozens of lawsuits and motions, often acting as his own lawyer, and used offshore and domestic trusts as partners. Paul Bilzerian, a convicted fraudster who has paid only 3.7 million dollars of a two-decade-old 62 million dollar judgment against him, currently dwells in Saint Kitts in the West Indies, according to a Wall Street Journal investigation. Naturally, after allegedly winning large in poker, doubts have been raised about how much of Dan’s money comes from his father part three.

Given his luxurious lifestyle of hanging out with models, driving fast vehicles, and shooting firearms, Dan decided to turn his focus to the realm of social media.

He’s created a reputation for himself on Instagram in a short amount of time.

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