David Lionel Baddiel is an American comedian, author, and television host.
In 2017, Baddiel produced a documentary film on his father’s dementia, which aired on Channel 4.

David Baddiel Net Worth: $ 6 million

David Baddiel Net Worth
David Baddiel Net Worth

David Lionel Baddiel was born in Troy, New York, on May 28, 1964. He was four months old when he came to England. He did not finish his English Ph.D.


His debut appearance on television was in an episode of the satirical comedy Filthy, Rich, and Catflap.

Baddiel hosted Heresy, a BBC Radio 4 panel show, as a host.

Stand-up show

David took a long sabbatical from stand-up comedy after 15 years because he was exhausted, had children, and wanted to pursue other interests. However, doing his show My Family: Not the Sitcom every night has led him to believe that it isn’t the most terrifying thing in the world and that his next show may be about internet trolls. “In my opinion, outrage confers identity on social media,” he argues, “but the majority of people are sharing a communal experience, and I believe that is what social media is excellent for.”

When talking about his father’s dementia, David portrays him as both amusing and frightening. His father, he adds, was frequently irritated by trivial things when he was a child. “Every time the phone rang between 1970 and 1979, he’d get agitated… he didn’t even know who it was!” David informed his father, a physicist, that he would be studying English rather than science when it came time to choose his A-levels. “It’s a waste of a brain,” his father replied. This was in the 1970s, when the term “parenting” didn’t exist, as David points out.

His family was quite Welsh; his father was born in Swansea, so they would spend their summers there.

In the late 1980s, he collaborated with fellow comedian Rob Newman for the radio and television shows The Mary Whitehouse Experience and Newman and Baddiel In Pieces on BBC2. They had a lot of success by focusing their comedy on young people, and they memorably performed in front of over 12,000 people in Wembley Arena, which was the first sell-out comedy show there. However, they had major squabbles offstage and split up in 1993. They didn’t see each other for the following 25 years, but their relationship has now been repaired.

Heresy, a BBC Radio 4 panel show, was conceived and presented by Baddiel.


He first met Frank Skinner in 1990, but it was their co-hosting of the Fantasy Football League TV show in the mid-1990s that made them household names. They had a replica of the World Cup at the 1998 tournament, when they returned to the top of the charts with the song Three Lions, which they co-wrote with Ian Broudie of The Lightning Seeds and previously charted during the 1996 European Championships.

His Wife

In the 1990s, he met my wife Morwenna, who plays Mummy Pig in the children’s television show Peppa Pig. As a family, they don’t attend many events.

An atheist

He is an atheist, but he was raised in a Jewish household. He didn’t meet a non-Jewish individual until he was eleven years old. Mr. Cohen, his primary school teacher, informed him that “we should always know there would be someone who doesn’t like Jews” in the outside world, and that is still true today.

David Baddiel Net Worth
David Baddiel Net Worth

Passion for music
When David realized he wasn’t going to be a football player, he turned to his passion for music, becoming enamored with Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell (which he describes as “weird” for an agnostic Jew). Two of his CDs are musicals: a comedy song from The Book of Mormon, which he chose since Derek and Clive, although being a transforming comedic influence in his early years, is too vulgar for Radio 4, and Love Will Find A Way from his own musical The Infidel. He was at the premiere with his mother, and it was the last time he saw her “glistening with joy” before she died a few months later.

A Cat Lover

He is a passionate cat lover.

He is afflicted with sleeplessness.


Time for Bed, Whatever Love Means, The Secret Purposes, and The Death of Eli Gold are the four novels written by Baddiel.

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