Daymond John is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, television personality, and investor from the United States. He is the CEO and founder of FUBU, as well as the star of ABC’s reality show Shark Tank and The Shark Group.

Daymond John Net Worth : $ 350 million

Daymond John Net Worth
Daymond John Net Worth

Daymond Garfield is a hip-hop fashion designer. John was born to Caribbean parents in Brooklyn, New York City. John began demonstrating his entrepreneurial skills at a young age while growing up in Hollis, Queens, New York. John’s early years were difficult and traumatic. Hollis was known for cocaine and gun violence before becoming linked with Hip Hop giants like Russell Simmons, Run DMC, and LL Cool J. After his parents split, he began working at the age of ten. From pencils to reconditioned vehicles, he offered it all. One of his first occupations paid him $2 per hour to distribute flyers.

John enrolled in a program in high school that allowed him to work full-time and go to school on alternate weeks. He attributes his business spirit to this encounter. He founded a commuter van service and served tables at The Red Lobster after graduation.

Many of John’s pals looked up to the drug dealers in the neighborhood for advice. Then, at the age of 15, he began losing a friend to gun violence every three months. Fortunately, music began to emerge around that period as an alternative to street corner hustling for the ordinary Hollis adolescent. Hip-hop music grew in popularity, bringing with it a dynamic culture that required its own uniform. John recognized the need and stepped in to fill it.
One of John’s biggest successes as a dyslexic is his continual fight against dyslexia. He has worked with the Yale Center for Dyslexia and is currently a member of the advisory board. John has accepted his illness and utilized it as a springboard for a successful career as a public speaker and book.

John has become a role model for other young men who have come from difficult backgrounds, with over twenty-five years of demonstrated business expertise. He also gives talks at universities, conferences, Fortune 500 firms, and small enterprises. Samsung, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, and General Mills have all hired him to give keynote addresses. John’s S.H.A.R.K. points presentations provide accessible and actionable guidance with long-term benefits. Goal planning, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, marketing, and branding are among his most popular themes.

He has published three books, the most recent of which, “The Power of Broke,” was released in January 2016 and debuted at number two on the New York Times Bestseller list. His other works, “Display of Power” and “The Brand Within,” were both blockbusters on Wall Street. The NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Instructional Literary Work was also given to The Power of Broke.

Daymond John Net Worth
Daymond John Net Worth

In 2015, John was named a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, and he attended the Global Entrepreneur Summit in Kenya with former US President Barack Obama as part of an elite group. He’s won over 35 honors, including Brandweek Marketer of the Year and Ernst & Young Master Entrepreneur of the Year.


Daymond John worked as a waiter at Red Lobster before starting his career in the fashion sector in 1992. John began producing hats with $40 worth of cloth to sell at local festivals and concerts.

He enlisted the help of his childhood pals Carl Brown, Keith Perrin, and Alexander Martin, who were encouraged by the sales. He took out a $100,000 loan on his mother’s home and opened a business in the basement.

Hand-delivering his clothes and getting only a few hours of sleep a night began to stress him to the point of exhaustion. John was well aware that his business strategy would be difficult to scale. Then he discovered that his area already had everything he needed for his business: superstars.

Daymond When John approached LL Cool J about wearing a shirt for a photo he could use for marketing, he got his big break. LL Cool J got so devoted to the FUBU bra.

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