Desislava Bozhilova is a landscape architect, CG artist, and professional snooker referee.
She began by playing pool at home because the town where she used to reside lacked a snooker table, so she watched snooker on TV.

Bozhilova’s annual salary was $23,500.

Desislava Bozhilova Net Worth
Desislava Bozhilova Net Worth

She afterward relocated to Sofia and attended a seminar to become a referee, after which it was only a matter of learning and experience.

When did it dawn to her that she could make a living doing this? , because she had only played in local leagues in Bulgaria, it happened quite swiftly and surprisingly for her.

Desislava Bozhilova was born in Moscow, Russia, on October 16, 1992. Desislava Bozhilova is a World Snooker Tour snooker referee from Bulgaria. Since completing the exam to become an international snooker referee, she has officiated ranking event finals and acted as a referee at the World Snooker Championship. She will referee her first Triple Crown final at the Masters in 2022. She grew up in Sliven, where there aren’t many people who want to play snooker. Bozhilova started playing pool at the age of 13 and became interested in snooker after seeing it on TV.

Desislava Bozhilova first encountered snooker when she was 13 years old and began playing pool while watching snooker on T.V. She’s also worked as a referee at the English Open, German Masters, and Players Cup. The 2016 Riga Masters was Desislava’s first ranking final. She made her Triple officiating debut in the 2016 UK Tournament in the same year, refereeing a match. In the preliminary round, Bozhilova made her World Snooker Championship debut. She was nominated to referee the World Championships for the second time the following year.

Desislava Bozhilova Net Worth
Desislava Bozhilova Net Worth

In 2022, she will officiate her first Triple Crown final at the Masters. She grew up in Sliven, where few people are interested in playing snooker. Bozhilova began playing pool when she was 13 years old and grew interested in snooker after watching it on television.

Desislava was immediately enamored with the game and moved to Sofia to study a few years later. She eventually applied to join the Bulgarian Snooker Referees Association and passed her exam to become an international referee in December 2012.

She’s supervised matches on the European Tour since then, including life on Eurosport competitions featuring elite players like John Higgins and Marco Fu. When she isn’t playing snooker, Desislava enjoys doing DIY, going to the pool, reading psychology literature, hiking, and painting.

Michaele Tabb, the two-time World Championship final referee, has been credited by Bozhilova with removing sexism in snooker on several occasions. Bozhilova likes snooker and the lifestyle, and she has the potential to dominate the female snooker referee landscape for years to come. Because of her prominence in the snooker world, Bozhilova could be one of the referees for the World Championship final in the future.

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