Devin Miles Haney is a professional boxer currently based in the United States of America. He has held the WBC lightweight title since 2019, making him the youngest boxing champion in history.

Devin Haney Net Worth: $ 5 million

Devin Haney Net Worth
Devin Haney Net Worth

Devin, The Dream

He is also known as the Dream, and according to the transnational boxing rankings, he is currently ranked third in the lightweight division.

Field’s hottest athlete

Devin the Dream is an unbeaten professional who has entered the squared arena nearly 25 times in the last five years, thanks to his father Bill Haney’s mentorship and training. Devin, who is regarded as the field’s hottest athlete, has now won seven different belts.

His most recent victory came against Zaur Abdullaev shortly after Vasyl Lomachenko, the lightweight champion, retired from the sport. The WBC decorated Haney’s waist with its belt. Devon has a strong proclivity for winning, having won 15 times by TKO. However, his remaining ten victories came via decisions on the ascent. He won by majority decision, maintaining his title against Alfredo Santiago in November 2019.

So far, his 2021 has been fantastic, beginning with a resounding victory against yuri Orcus Gamboa, putting him in position for a boxing match against Teofimo Lopez or a massive mandatory fight against Ryan Garcia.

A professional fighter

Haney grew up in Oakland, California, but later moved to Las Vegas with his father. He noticed his desire and knack for fighting early on after noticing that he frequently got into fights in school. As he began nurturing that desire to become a professional fighter, he was met with some opposition. People in the business told us not to go. They said it was corrupt. His community praised his heartfelt gesture, which demonstrated that his heart still belonged in his hometown.

Devin Haney’s net worth was estimated to be five million dollars in January 2021 his first WBC lightweight title defense fetched him about 20 of that money. Like Floyd Mayweather jr, devon has a promotion company to his name that sees him accrue larger sums. Boxers generally amass wealth from the major big fights they’re involved in, and much more when they win, which explains why Devin Haney’s value would skyrocket this year if he can make it and win any of his big fights.

One thing about being relevant is that a rise in fame would bring major endorsement and sponsorship deals. For example, the young WBC champion is endorsed and promoted by Snac, a well-known nutrition supplement brand that also has relationships with great boxers such as Amir Khan and Sean Porter. Dazn is another brand with which boxer has a deal, and his job is to market the app. When the global health situation was locked down, Haney posted a picture of himself beside tonnes of dollar bills on his social media page with the caption I’d rather be rich than famous. This single act drew a lot of criticism from fans and people alike. The proposed notion by these critics was that he made an arrogant move.

Devin Haney Net Worth
Devin Haney Net Worth

This boxer is undeniably wealthy, and he’s not afraid to flaunt it in his car. The thing is, on his 21st birthday, his father and trainer Bill Haney gave him the keys to a Lamborghini Urus, a kinetic beast that cost a mind-boggling $250,000. Deben and his father also released a CBD product called WEDM Recovery as the young boxer continues to climb the ladder of success and fame. Devin Haney, also known as the Dream, is a well-known philanthropist.

Charity work

He enjoys giving to the poor and underprivileged. He’s involved in some charity work and always remembers to give back to his society. Giving back has become so ingrained in his system that after winning his 24th fight, the only way he could express his joy, and Although he isn’t directly managed by Mayweather, it’s clear that he is interested in the young boxer’s progress. Mayweather has publicly stated his desire to help future black American boxers achieve the greatest success possible in the sport of boxing. Mayweather’s tutelage of devon would undoubtedly give him an advantage as a boxer.

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