Eric Braden is a German actor in the United States who began his career playing Nazis before becoming a daytime soap opera star. Born Hans Gudegast in Kiel, Germany during WWII, he was a superb athlete who excelled in track and field events as a teenager.

Eric Braeden Net Worth: $ 25 million

Eric Braeden Net Worth
Eric Braeden Net Worth

Worked as a translator

He immigrated to the united states as a teenager and worked as a translator, cowhand, and lumber millhand in Texas and Montana. His athleticism earned him a scholarship to Montana state university, and while there he and friend bob McKinnon made the film the rivet busters The series was a hit, and gouda guest’s sympathetic German officer was very popular.

Movies and Television shows

He appeared in a few movies and television shows in supporting roles after that, before being cast as the lead in the universal science fiction computer thriller colossus the forbidden project in 1970. His joy at this huge career boost was dampened by the studio’s insistence that he change his name, which he reluctantly agreed to and became known as eric Braden.

As the lead actor, he achieved popularity in this medium that had previously evaded him in film and primetime television. Victor Newman Braden, extraordinarily gorgeous and athletic into his 60s, brought gravity and a solid centre to the show. His infrequent film work during his near quarter-century on the young and the restless includes a notable appearance as John Jacob Astor in Titanic 1997.

Eric Braeden Net Worth
Eric Braeden Net Worth

He was a five-time Emmy nominee for his role in the Young and the Restless, which he won in 1998, and he was also nominated 11 times for the soap opera a digest outstanding leading actor award, winning three times in 1987. In 1987, he was appointed to the German American Advisory Board alongside Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker, Steffi graf, Alexander Haig, and Catherine Graham, and in 1991, he received the federal medal of honour from the president of his native land.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Braden, who was born in Germany, had a number of small roles in films such as escape from the planet of the apes and herbal go to Monte Carlo. For his role in the shop opera, he received a people’s choice award and a daytime Emmy award. He has been working on the show for decades and it is now his main source of income.

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