FaZe Banks is an American YouTuber and one of the creators and proprietors of the FaZe Clan e-sports organization.

Faze Banks Net Worth: $ 13 million

Faze Banks Net Worth
Faze Banks Net Worth

Faze Banks has deep pockets. He owns a 12.5 million dollar estate and drives a five-door Ranger Rover Evoke SE, which would have cost him at least 42 grand. One of his neighbors is 21 Savage. This residence rents for between 30 and 47 thousand dollars per month. Rice Gum and his girlfriend Alissa Violet are there to help him afford the fees. Banks enjoy splurging on tattoos, as his followers are well aware. Romeo Lacoste, a star tattoo artist who costs $250 per hour, has given him numerous. So, anything like this stunning tiger that had to have cost him at least a thousand dollars, but it might easily have cost twice that much. ($1000-2000) FaZe Banks also has a massive walk-in closet stuffed with $150 football shirts and baseball caps.

His shoe collection includes names such as Supreme and Yeezy, which can sell for anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars on the secondary market. He recently purchased a pair of vans for roughly 215 dollars, as well as these Gucci tiger shoes to match his tattoo for 650 dollars. Furthermore, he has shared his wealth with his loved ones. He bought two English bulldog puppies for his girlfriend and father, which may cost anywhere from 750 to 3000 dollars each. ($1500-6000) But, well, this person is in a position to afford it.

Faze Banks is estimated to be valued at around half a million dollars by most web sources. However, those estimations frequently fail to account for all of the money this guy earns outside of his personal YouTube channel. He makes a lot of money as the COO and owner of the FaZe clan, which is one of the most profitable names in esports. Tournament prizes, sponsors, youtube, live streaming, and, of course, apparel are all potential money streams for the FaZe clan. On THE RICH LIFE, I’m going to take you through FaZe Banks’ financial rise, where the money comes from, and how he spends it. My name is Michael McCrudden, and I’d like to ask you a question: Before joining FaZe, what clan did Banks lead? Fill up the blanks with your best estimates in the comments section below. The answer will be revealed towards the conclusion of the video. Let’s get started with the intro.

On October 18th, 1991, Ricky Banks was born. On September 17th, 2011, almost a year after FaZe clan was founded, he launched his channel, Banks Has Bank. Banks was not a member at the time, but after the skilled COD player assisted in the formation of his own team, FaZe took note. On March 24th, 2013, Banks stated on YouTube that he had been hired to become a leader of FaZe. During his time with FaZe, Banks wore a variety of hats.

Faze Banks Net Worth
Faze Banks Net Worth

He was also known as the Chief Operating Officer, and after announcing his departure from the clan in January 2016, he still defines himself on his YouTube about page as an “online gangster and owner of @FaZeClan.” Of the course, he was having mental health issues at the time he tweeted it, so we should probably overlook that and assume he still owns a portion of FaZe. Banks’ fame developed in tandem with that of the FaZe clan.

Between 2013 and 2016, his channel expanded steadily from around 30 thousand subscribers to well over half a million and has since exploded. Banks has over 2.9 million subscribers and 98 million YouTube views at the time of this recording. After YouTube deducts its part, that corresponds to at least 196,000 dollars in ad income (fewer production costs). Plus whatever money he’s made through sponsored videos and personal endorsement deals. FaZe Banks has a net worth of 200,000 dollars, based on his YouTube profits, but other websites estimate his net worth to be around half a million dollars.

The YouTube channel alone would have produced at least 506,000 USD from 253 million views since Banks joined FaZe. FaZe earned roughly 1.5 million dollars in prize money from 137 tournaments in 2016. Gamma Gamers, Scuf Gaming, and Electronic Gamers League are three of the team’s primary sponsors. However, it’s unclear whether the sponsors simply give the squad their items or give money, and if so, how much. FaZe’s merch is most likely their greatest source of money.

FaZe clothing and accessories are available via their own online store, fazeclanstore.com, as well as on websites like redbubble and amazon. It’s hard to know how much the company has made in revenue or how much they have paid out in expenses without looking into the accounts. However, given how much money they have, there’s no doubt the corporation has made millions. FaZe purchased the most expensive CS: GO team in history for 700,000 dollars in 2016. They spent almost as much a year later to add only one player to their roaster, paying 500,000 dollars to buy Nikola Kovac out of his contract with another team.

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