Flavor Flav, born William Jonathan Drayton Jr., is a skilled rapper, actor, TV personality, and successful businessman.

Flavor Flav Net Worth: $ 2 million

Flavor Flav Net Worth
Flavor Flav Net Worth

Flavor Flav’s desire as a hip-hop lover when he was little was to establish his own group. In 1985, he co-founded “Public Enemy” with Chuck D, making his ambition a reality. A year later, the band released the single “Public Enemy #1.” The record was a smash hit, introducing the band to a slew of famous music producers, including Rick Rubin and Def Jam Records. Rubin, on the other hand, only wanted to sign Chuck as a solo artist since he didn’t appreciate the importance of Flav, but owing to Chuck’s perseverance, the duo was signed together. Flavor Flav earned solo fame in 1990 with the publication of his track “911 is a Joke,” which coincided with the band’s breakthrough. In 1999, he had another solo hit with “1 2 3 Rhymes Galore,” a collaboration with DJ Temekk and Grandmaster Flash. Flav, on the other hand, didn’t record a solo single until 2006, titled Flavor Flav. There was no fresh information about Fav and Public Enemy’s music, but the band announced their breakup in March 2020.

In 1987, the band released their first album on Def Jam Records. Yo, Bum Rush, the Show was the title of the record, and it showcased the group’s synergy. Fav was entertaining to the rest of the gang, whereas Chuck was a serious rapper. In 1988, the group’s major hit album was published.

While Flava Flav and his group were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2013 and received a lifetime achievement award at the 62nd annual grammy award. He’s also made massive achievements in the world of reality television with the most viewed and highly rated reality show in the history of reality television.

 Flavor Flav was born William Jonathan Dayton jr on march 16th, 1959 in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York. Of course, he rose to fame as a member of the famous hip-hop group Public Enemy and went on to have a lucrative career in reality television, and he’s widely known for speaking in the third person.

Flavor later married liz trejulio, during which time he had his seventh son, karma, and since then his former assistant, kate camella, has used a paternity test to prove he fathered her son, Jordan. Now that’s a lot of kids, but it’s also a lot of alimony. He’s had a number of baby mamas who have had to go to court to get child support, and at least one Flave allegedly poked the alleged victim in the nose, then grabbed her, threw her down, and took a phone from her hand.

Flavor flav’s interest in the three seasons of Flavor Flav and his hook up with Bridget Nielsen on this real-life than their spin-off show which was strange love.

He was arrested on charges of driving under the influence, possessing marijuana, driving with an open container, speeding, having a fake registration, and driving on a suspended license. The charges were reduced to a misdemeanor, and he only had to pay $685 in fines, but his license was revoked.

Flavor Flav Net Worth
Flavor Flav Net Worth

Prior to this, he was arrested in Long Island after police officers caught him speeding. He was arrested on charges of driving under the influence, The barbecue sauce is available for tasting. With money always being an issue, of course, Flava Flav will run into some tax issues.

He slapped the public enemy hype man with a giant tax lien of nearly 1 million dollars in 2012. Flav was targeted for neglecting to pay taxes in 2004 2005 and 2006.

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