Greg Oden is an American ex-professional basketball player who is best known for playing for the Portland Trail Blazers and the Miami Heat.

Greg Oden Net Worth: $ 16 million

Greg Oden Net Worth
Greg Oden Net Worth

Oden played his high school basketball in Indianapolis, Indiana, and promptly made a name for himself. He was named the National Boys Basketball Player of the Year in both 2005 and 2006.

Oden had right knee surgery causing him to miss the entire season. He returned to action in 2008 but didn’t find a great deal of success; due to a variety of smaller injuries.

Greg Oden was the first overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, selected ahead of second-round pick Kevin Durant. He was expected to be the league’s next great center, but career-ending injuries have cast him as one of, if not the biggest, busts in NBA history. He has been out of the league for several years.

Greg Oden went to Lawrence North High School with future NBA star Mike Conley and was a star in high school, winning numerous awards including the 2005 national boys basketball player of the year, the Gatorade national boys basketball player of the year, and the 2006 Indiana Mr. Basketball. He also played on the McDonald’s all-American team and led his high school to three straight state championships.

Greg Oden and Mike Conley both decided to retire from Ohio State University after the 2006 and 2007 seasons, respectively. Oden broke his wrist at the end of his senior high school season, so he missed the start of his freshman season at Ohio. On December 2nd, 2006, he made his debut and produced 14 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks.

On March 6, 2007, Oden was named to the first-team All-Big Ten and was voted back conference’s Defensive Player of the Year. One of his biggest moments of college came when Leigh blocked what could have been a game-winning shot in the closing seconds of a game against Tennessee. They held on to the victory and 185 to 84.

Oden’s economy would lead the Ohio State Buckeyes to the 2007 national championship game, where Oden has won three times. Kevin Durant was named the consensus National Player of the Year at the time, averaging 26 points per game on 40 percent shooting, but his Longhorns were upset by the University of Southern California in the NCAA tournament’s second round. They believe that many great scorers drafted into the NBA just slowly fade away and do not make much of an impact and that Greg Oden had better scores on the vertical leap agility drill 3/4 sprint and bench press, as Durant was the only one at the combine who couldn’t bench 185 pounds. This, combined with the fact that centers are becoming increasingly rare in the NBA, led the Trailblazers to go with Greg Oden.

Greg Oden Net Worth
Greg Oden Net Worth

Another year passed, and on December 9, 2011, the Trail Blazers revealed that David Odin would miss the 2011-12 season, marking the fourth time he had missed a season since being selected just five years prior. He would also undergo two more operations, one on each knee, to address other issues. He was supposed to sign an $8.9 million qualifying offer at the start of that season, but the Trailblazers negotiated a different deal due to his injuries. One month after all of the extra surgeries, the Portland Trail Blazers unsurprisingly released their first overall pick on March 15, 2012, after only getting one full season out of them. All of this may sound repetitious, but it’s simply how that dude’s career was at the start of the 2013 and 14 seasons. Greg Oden has signed a one-year contract with the Miami Heat, and he will play his first game since 2009. He scored six points and grabbed two rebounds in eight minutes on January 15, 2014.

Charged with battery

In August of 2014, Greg was charged with battery for punching his ex-girlfriend in the face a week earlier and was sentenced to probation, pay a fine, and attend counseling. In early 2015, he worked out with the Grizzlies and returned to his old college, Ohio State, to train with the Buckeyes.

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