Hakeem Abdul-Saboor is a graduate of Powhatan High School, a dog lover, and a bodybuilder. Abdul-Saboor is the first American Olympic bobsledder to transfer from another physically demanding sport, bodybuilding, since at least 1998.

Hakeem Abdul Saboor Net Worth: $ 7 million

Hakeem Abdul Saboor Net Worth
Hakeem Abdul Saboor Net Worth

Career in Football

Abdul-athletic Saboor’s career began at Powhatan High School in Virginia, roughly 30 miles west of Richmond, where he played basketball, football, and all-around track and field. He went on to Division II University of Virginia at Wise, where he played running back. Abdul-Saboor claimed to have run a 40-yard sprint in 4.30 seconds. In 2009, however, his football career came to an end four games into his senior season. Abdul-Saboor tore his ACL one week too late for a medical redshirt for the season, according to him. He sent in images and was chosen. The 2012 Bodybuilding.com FIT USA Event took Abdul-Saboor to Boise, Idaho. Except for the entry fee, he had to pay for everything.

Abdul-Saboor did well enough in the competitions to be invited to the next level.

Abdul-Saboor got a position with Performance Training, Inc. in Knoxville, Tenn., as a speed, agility, and quickness instructor and personal trainer. That’s around 100 miles west of East Tennessee State University, where a number of American bobsledders have trained over the offseason, notably the late Steven Holcomb. In the fall of 2015, Abdul-Saboor began as a push athlete on the minor-league North American Cup, but by January 2016, he had competed in three World Cups.


When Abdul-Saboor tore his ACL eight years ago, he feared his athletic career was ended. He now intends to continue bobsledding after the Olympics and possibly even return to shape, albeit he will have to lose 20 bobsled pounds to do so.

Despite the fact that it causes him to sweat, he does not believe physique to be a sport.

The athlete, who was born in New Jersey, now calls Powhatan home after completing high school there and competing in track and field, basketball, and football as a running back and defensive back for the Indians.

From the start, Abdul-coaches Saboor’s noticed something remarkable in him. “When you look at the whole picture, he’s one of the best athletes I’ve ever had the pleasure to teach, and I’ve been coaching since 1979,” Jim Woodson, head coach of Powhatan High School’s football team, says.

Abdul-Saboor continued to play football at the University of Virginia at Wise, though an ACL injury in his senior year terminated his hopes of playing professionally.

After graduation in 2009, he moved to Tennessee and worked as a personal trainer and speed-agility-quickness instructor.

Hakeem Abdul-Saboor is a bobsledder and former football player from the United States. Hakeem Abdul Saboor, a Powhatan, Virginia native, tore his ACL playing football for the University of Virginia at Wise.

Hakeem Abdul-Saboor is a bobsledder who has represented the United States in international competitions. He took part in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Grew up to be an athlete.

Hakeem Abdul-Saboor grew up as a basketball, football, and track standout in high school, but not as a bobsledder. He thought his athletic days were finished after an excellent performance as a running back for the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. A video of Hakeem jumping to touch his head to a ten-foot ceiling was later discovered by a strength instructor and the subsequent conversations lead him to his current position as a brakeman for two- and four-man bobsleds. Hakeem pushed for two different bobsled teams for Team USA at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and he expects even higher heights for the 2022 events.

Ambition to play in the NFL.

Hakeem Abdul Saboor, a Powhatan, Virginia native who aspired to play in the NFL, tore his ACL while playing football for the University of Virginia at Wise. Following college, he pursued a career in professional bodybuilding and personal training, which drew the attention of the United States Olympic Committee. They directed him to the ice.

In 2015, Abdul-Saboor began bobsledding. Only three years later, he competed in his first Games as a pusher, finishing 21st in the two-man (with Nick Cunningham) and 19th in the four-man (alongside Cunningham, Christopher Kinney, and Samuel Michener).

Winter Olympics in 2022

Hakeem Abdul-Saboor, a bobsled pusher, will compete in his second Winter Olympics in 2022.

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