Jentezen Franklin is a televangelist, author, and Evangelical Pastor from the United States. He is a Christian author and American Pentecostal minister who is the pastor of the Free Chapel ministries in both California and Georgia.

Jentezen Franklin Net Worth: $ 2 million

Jentezen Franklin Net Worth
Jentezen Franklin Net Worth

Jentezen is a well-known preacher around the world. He is an evangelist preacher, best-selling author, and motivational speaker from the United States. He is the one who has committed his entire life to serve others and developing religious knowledge and community peace.


Right People, Right Place, Right Plan, and Fear Fighters are among his most well-known works.

He is the pastor of a Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia. In Georgia and California, he also serves as a Free Chapel minister.


On September 5, 1987, he married Cherise Franklin. Jentezen was dating Cherise at the time. Later, he proposed to Cherise, who welcomed their relationship enthusiastically. Finally, they married with their parents’ blessings.

Jentezen Franklin Net Worth
Jentezen Franklin Net Worth

After the passing of former preacher Roy Wellborn, Jentezen became a senior pastor at Free Chapel. The church assists people in recuperating from life’s wounds and hardships. Out of love, Jentezen aided individuals and advocated the right way to them. Furthermore, he began his first service with a small congregation of 300 individuals.

It relocated to a new location in 2003, with a population of 3000 people. He also established a church in Irvine in 2007. In 2018, he moved to Free Chapel in Atlanta, where he had always wished for a church. He took an active role in the fight against racial prejudice. He also received the Mantel of Destiny Award from Martin Luther King Jr.

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