Jodie Sweetin is a television personality and actress from the United States. She is best known for her role as Stephanie Tanner in Full House and its Netflix spin-off, Fuller House. In addition to this, Jodie has been in a variety of television episodes and independent films. She also has her own podcast and has appeared in various commercials.

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth : $ 2 million

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth
Jodie Sweetin Net Worth


Jodie also hosted the second season of the dancing competition show Pants-Off Dancing-Off. On March 2, 2016, she also competed in season 22 of the dancing television show Dancing with the Stars alongside other celebrities.

Jodie Lee-Ann Sweetin was born on January 19, 1982, in Los Angeles, California, to Sam and Janice Sweetin. Her parents were both in prison when she was born, therefore she was quickly adopted by her uncle, Sam Sweetin, and his wife.

Jodie Sweetin began studying ballet and tap dance classes when she was three years old. During her high school years, Sweetin met actor Matthew Morrison and collaborated with him on a number of musical projects. Sweetin graduated from Los Alamitos High School in Los Alamitos, California, with a high school diploma in 1999. After graduating from high school, Sweetin enrolled at Chapman University.


Jodie started acting at a young age, with commercials booking her before she turned five years old. In 1987, she landed the role of Pamela in the Valerie comedy. Later on, the show was renamed The Hogan Family. That year, she also got the role of Stephanie Tanner on Full House.

Following the end of Full House, Jodie Sweetin succumbed to the fate of many other child stars of the time, becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol at the age of 14. Her addiction lasted 15 years, during which she experimented with a range of narcotics including ecstasy, meth, and crack cocaine.

Married three times

Sweeten has married three times and has two children, 13-year-old Zoi and 11-year-old Beatrix, over the years.

Shaun Holguin, a police officer, was her husband from 2002 to 2006. She remarried Cody Harpin in 2007 after their divorce, but they divorced in 2010.

Sweetin then married actor Morty Coyle in 2010, although their prior relationship ended in 2016.17th of January 2022 Sweeten made her engagement announcement. She has been dating Mescal Wasilewski since 2018, although it is unclear when the two will go down the aisle.

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth
Jodie Sweetin Net Worth

A Break from the entertainment industry

She took a long sabbatical from the entertainment industry owing to drug problems, but she returned in 2006 to host Pants-Off Dancing-Off, a Fuse channel dancing competition show.

Netflix Show

Fuller House, the remake of Full House, was Jodie Sweetin’s most successful endeavor. Before being terminated in 2020, the Netflix show aired for five seasons.

Awards and Achievements

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