Joel Osteen is a Houston-based American television show. Osteen’s televised sermons reach more than 7 million weekly viewers and more than 20 million monthly viewers in more than 100 countries. His talks are also carried on Sirius XM satellite radio channel 128 24 hours a day.

Joel Osteen Net Worth: $ 100 million

Joel Osteen Net Worth
Joel Osteen Net Worth

Head pastor

He is the current head pastor of Lakewood Church. Houston Joel Osteen and her family moved to a 10.5 million dollar estate in River Oaks while keeping their 2.9 million dollar Tanglewood home. The ten-million-dollar property is situated on 1.86 acres of land and features six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators, and five wood-burning fireplaces, as well as a one-bedroom guest house and pool house.

Osteen’s major source of income appears to be the sales of his books, of which he has published dozens. Your Best Life Now is Osteen’s debut book.

An Author

In October 2004, he released his first book, seven steps to living at your full potential, which topped the New York Times bestseller list. In October 2007, he released his second book, become a better you: seven keys to improving your life every day, which also topped the New York Times bestseller list and had a first printing of four million copies. The book focuses more on relationships and not becoming stuck where we are in life because of money.

A Speaker

Osteen makes a lot of money from speaking, and he doesn’t even get paid the $200,000 he earns as the senior pastor of Lakewood Church. In addition, Osteen’s program reaches tens of millions of people, implying that it has a lot of commercial potentials.

Lakewood Church

Lakewood Church, which has a seating capacity of 16,000, was the home arena for the Houston Rockets from 1975 to 2003. The stadium was purchased for 7.5 million dollars in 2013 and over 100 million dollars was spent to get to the building it is today. The church has an annual budget of around 90 million dollars, and their last fiscal year’s financial statement reveals how they used the money, according to the Houston Chronicle. The church spent $11.5 million on fundraising and another $11.9 million on mission and outreach, leaving only 1.2 million dollars for mission and outreach.


Osteen married Victoria Osteen, the pastor of Lakewood Church, on April 4th, 1987, and they had a son and a daughter.

Lakewood ChurchLakewood Church also has a store that sells a variety of items for interested individuals, which benefits greatly from the fact that Austin’s program is so well-known.

Joel Osteen Net Worth
Joel Osteen Net Worth

Lakewood is America’s largest church, with about 50,000 people attending weekly services at the former compact Center, where the NBA Rockets used to play; its weekly broadcasts reach an estimated 10 million US viewers, and its roving monthly a Night of Hope events fill stadiums across the country for $15 per ticket on Facebook and Twitter. According to Lakewood’s financial statement, about 93 percent of the total was donated by mail, the internet, and collection buckets in response to an understated but persistent message that God will bless those who support the church’s mission Dei.

TV and radio shows

Osteen’s TV and radio shows bring in donations and encourage sales of his books and spin-off goods, but the exposure generates very little direct cash for the church, thus the cost of buying air time, paying production employees, and other expenses must be covered by the congregation. Lakewood In the 2017 fiscal year, Stila ministry alone cost over $25 million, but income from both TV and radio amounted to less than 1.2 million dollars. Osteen’s sermons and writings are sometimes credited with fostering wealth. financial gain is a prize for pious Christians, according to the gospel.

Lakewood church sessions are broadcast in more than a hundred countries. Osteen was named one of Barbara Walters’ ten most fascinating people of 2006. Former presidential candidate John McCain has described Osteen as his favorite inspirational or the Osteen family attended an Easter breakfast hosted by President Barack Obama at the White House in 2010.

Lakewood Church was previously chastised for briefly closing its doors in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. In reaction to his failure to make Lakewood Church, a 600,000 square foot, 16,000-seat former basketball arena, available as an emergency refuge for individuals affected by the hurricane, Osteen received a lot of flak.

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