Marlo Thomas was born on November 21, 1937, in Detroit, Michigan, to comedian Danny Thomas and his wife, the former Rose Marie Cassaniti. She has a sister, tara, and a brother, Tony Thomas, a television and film producer. Her father was an American Roman Catholic, while her mother was a Sicilian.

Marlo Thomas Age: 84 years old

Marlo Thomas Net Worth: $ 150 million

Marlo Thomas Age And Net Worth
Marlo Thomas Age And Net Worth

Her parents called her Margot when she was a child, but she quickly became known as Marlow. She attended Los Angeles’ Marymount High School. Thomas graduated with a teaching degree from the University of Southern California, and she also said she was a member of the sorority kappa alpha-theta.


Thomas was in a long relationship with playwright herb Gardner in 1977 she was a guest on Donahue the television talk show when she and host Phil Donahue fell in love at first sight. They were married on May 21, 1980. In 1965, Thomas starred in the ABC pilot Two’s Company. Despite the fact that it did not sell, it attracted the attention of an ABC programming official, who visited with Thomas and expressed interest in casting her in her own show with their support.

Thomas developed her own concept for a sitcom about a young woman who leaves her family and travels to New York City in order to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. The notion eventually became the sitcom The Girl, in which Thomas starred as Anne-Marie, a beautiful up-and-coming actress with a writer lover played by Ted Bessel. The series chronicled Anne’s everyday hardships as she worked various part-time jobs while pursuing her dream of working on Broadway. That Girl was one of the first television shows to focus on a working single woman who did not live with her parents, and it opened the way for a number of subsequent episodes. Following Lucille Ball, Thomas was only the second woman to produce her own series. That girl aired from 1966 to 1971, producing 136 episodes and being a solid performer in the Nielsen ratings. In 1971, Thomas chose to end the series after five years, but that girl has since become popular in syndication. Thomas studied acting under Lee Strasberg at the actor’s studio until his death in 1982.

Children’s book

In 1972, she released a children’s book called Free to Be You and Me, which was inspired by her young niece Dion Gordon. When she got her best dramatic actress Emmy in 1986 for the television movie Nobody’s Child, she praised both individuals.

She went on to make a number of recordings and television programs.

Foundation for Women

Thomas co-founded the ms foundation for women, the first women’s fund in the United States, with Gloria Steinem, Patricia Carbine, and Letty cotton Pogrebin in 1973. The organization was created to provide funding and other resources to organizations that were presenting liberal women’s voices in communities across the country.

As Guest appearance

In 1976, Thomas made a guest appearance on the NBC situation comedy. In 1979, the supersister’s trading card set was manufactured and marketed, with her father’s character dr Jules Bedford playing a recalcitrant patient and the chemistry of father and daughter performing together making for emotional hospital room scenes. Thomas’ name and photo appeared on one of the cards.

Appearance as judge

She has appeared as Judge Mary Conway Clark, a mentor of Ada, on various television shows, including Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. ballers, Casey Novak the new normal for wet and hot summer in the United States From 1996 to 2002, she received the women in film lucy award in recognition of her excellence and innovation in her creative works that have enhanced the perception of women through the medium of television. Thomas appeared in films such as jenny in 1970, thieves in the spirit, playing Mona Lisa in 2000, and cardboard boxes in 2014.

Appearance in TV

She also appeared in television films such as It Happened One Christmas: The Lost Honor of Catherine Beck, a consenting adult nobody’s child, which won her the award for best dramatic actress in 1986. off-Broadway Emmy Thomas has appeared off-Broadway in the guys who exonerated the vagina monologues and love loss, as well as what I wore.

New York debut

She made her New York debut opposite Greg Mulliby in Joe DiPietro’s play clever little lies at the west side theatre in 2015. Other regional theatre credits include who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf at the Hartford Stage, the woman in mind at the Berkshire theatre festival, a paper doll with Murray Abraham at the Pittsburgh public theatre, and the effect of gamma rays on man in the moon marigolds at the Cleveland playhouse Thomas is the author of seven best-selling books. You and I are free to be ourselves.
Broadway debut

She made her Broadway debut in the herb gardener play thieves in 1974 and later remade her role for the big screen. After receiving mixed reviews for Thieves 1977 and receiving no other strong offers, Marlow decided to take a break and focus on her passion for children and education. She won bookend Emmy awards as both star and producer of the children’s specials Free to Be You and Amp Me 1974 and Free to Be a Family 1988.

Marlo Thomas Age And Net Worth
Marlo Thomas Age And Net Worth

TV movies
By the late 1970s, however, audiences had stopped seeing her as only Anne-Marie. She earned renewed respect by stretching herself in tv movies, such as the ABC holiday mini-series It Happened One Christmas 1977, in which she played a troubled female version of James Stewart’s It’s a Wonderful Life 1946 character.

She also won an extra Emmy for Nobody’s Child in 1986, for best actress in a special. She has certainly not shied away from tough theatre roles such as Beatrice in the effect of gamma rays on man in the moon marigolds 1990.


She married late in life, Marlow has been married to talk show icon David Letterman since 1980. Phil Donahue plainly shows that the wait was well worth it.

Classic comedy

She has continued to be a joy in everything from classic comedy to playing Jennifer Aniston’s mother and friends on television.

On a more personal note, Marlowe has carried on her late father’s legacy as a spokesperson and humanitarian for Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital for Cancer Research.

Four-time Emmy Award winner

Thomas is a four-time Emmy Award winner. a grammy award a golden globe award On November 20, 2014, the Marlow Thomas center for global education and collaboration opened as part of saint Jude children’s research hospital.

Medal of freedom

On November 24, 2014, President Barack Obama awarded Thomas the presidential medal of freedom, the highest honor an American civilian can receive at a white house ceremony.

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