When it comes to wrestling dynasties, most people immediately think of Vince McMahon. The McMahon family is large and has a long history in the wrestling profession. Payge Mcmahon is a health and rehabilitation expert who is best known as the wife of Dallas Page, better known as Diamond Dallas Page. McMahon has declared that yoga saved her life. She is also a yoga professional and is highly known for her healthy lifestyle. It enabled her to embark on new adventures and traverse the globe. She is also a physical rehabilitation specialist and a professional optimist.

Payge Mcmahon Age :46 Years Old

She was previously married at the age of 24 and had a full-time job. After her mother, who had never smoked, died of lung cancer, everything changed. When she discovered her mother’s unfinished bucket list, she questioned herself and resolved to finish it as a tribute to her mother. The Yoga instructor is now a full-time explorer who is continuously striving to reach new objectives. She does everything from ultramarathons to mountain climbs. Payge Mcmahon has kept the names of her father and mother out of the spotlight. We discovered after some inquiry that her mother was a non-smoker who died of lung cancer.


Payge’s mother endured chemo, radiation, shingles, and surgery to remove brain tumours and her gallbladder throughout her nine-month battle. Sadly, he died at the age of 59. Apart from that, Mcmahon married and then divorced her college lover. She also quit her job on Wall Street, sold everything she owned, and embarked on her first journey.

Payge’s precise birthday has not been revealed. Payge Mcmahon is 46 years old, according to reports. Her birth year could be 1975, and she was born in the United States.
Her mother died of cellular disintegration of her lungs, according to what she has spoken about her parents. She has been attempting to fulfil her mother’s bucket list and ambitions since her passing. Payge has not revealed much about her education, but she is believed to be a high school graduate who went on to Penn State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in international politics and Spanish. She also holds a master’s degree in business administration from California Lutheran University.

Mcmahon was in a terrible vehicle accident as a teenager, which left her with a shattered back and a body cast. So, to deal with her constant backache, she turned to yoga.
Payge earned her 200-hour yoga teacher’s certification in 2008 while studying Iyengar Yoga in Koh Phangnan, Thailand.

Dallas Page, a retired professional wrestler, has a new wife, Payge McMahon. Dallas has spent the most of his professional wrestling career under the ring moniker Diamond Dallas Page and has twenty years of experience in standard expert wrestling. Currently, he works as a health expert, compelling orator, and entertainment. They wedded with their closest friends at the Dwell Hotel in Chattanooga in a Christmas-themed ceremony. She is now residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Payge has appeared on ESPN, adorned the covers of SRI and The Social Magazine, and contributes to National Geographic Adventure, Women’s Adventure, and Competitor Magazine, among other publications. She travels the world teaching yoga courses and giving motivating speeches to corporations and communities.


Payge teaches a blend of Vinyasa and martial arts yoga that is tailored to athletes and those recuperating from injury. NFL players, MMA fighters, marathon runners, triathletes, mountain climbers, and anybody else interested in expanding their yoga practise are among her students. She studied in India and Nepal before receiving her yoga teaching certification from YogaWorks in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Shiva Rea, DDP, and Sage Rountree, author and coach of Yoga for Athletes, have trained her.

Payge’s Instagram account presently has 6244 followers, and she uses it to document her travels, yoga, and personal life. She has also maintained an active Twitter account since 2012, with 9130 followers at the time of writing.

Payge Mcmahon is known for living a wealthy and opulent lifestyle, and she makes a lot of money from her several professions. Her earnings are derived from her ESPN sponsorship and her yoga classes. Her  net worth in 2021 is $3 million.Vince Macmahon’s daughter is frequently mistaken for her. She is an avid traveller and adventurer who frequently takes vacations to the mountains, runs marathons, and participates in other sporting events. Payge is a two-time survivor of a broken back. For her work with the ESPN W channel, she won the Gracie Award for Women in Media. As an exchange student, McMohan has also studied in Spain and Mexico.

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