Petnostics and Scanwell Health were founded by Stephen Chen. Petnostics is a company that sells urine testing kits for pets at home.

Petnostics Net Worth
Petnostics Net Worth

Scanostics , which was launched in 2013 by Stephen Chen, introduced Petnostics as its debut product. Stephen went to Harvard Business School and the University of Michigan

Petnostics is a company that helps pet owners maintain their pet’s health. Veterinary clinics employ the company’s unique all-in-one urinalysis, which consists of colorimetric chemical test strips.

Pet parents may rapidly identify if their pet has a urinary tract infection, diabetes, bladder infections, or other problems by collecting a urine sample from their dog or cat using the Petnostics cup and using the Petnostics iOS app.

Petgnostics is a way for analyzing your dog’s pee that involves a test kit and a mobile app. Basically, a urine sample is collected and poured into the container, which has the same diagnostic strip that vets use to screen for health issues like blood sugar, urinary tract infections, anemia, liver sickness, dehydration, and other problems.

There are test packets for each ailment that can be purchased individually to save money on vet bills.

Petgnostics does sell a telescopic sample collector, which makes catching it a little easier than chasing it down with a cup or bowl.

The steps for utilising Petnostics strips are as follows:

1) Collect urine with Petnostics’ smart urine cup.

2) Screw on the Petnostics lid to begin testing.

3) Using the Petnostics iPhone app to scan the top of the lid offers instant results.

Petnostics Net Worth
Petnostics Net Worth

According to, the unique urine-collection cup features colorimetric chemical strips on the lid that change colors when used.

Although this product is not intended to totally replace veterinarian visits, it has the potential to save pet owners a lot of money if they want to check on their animal’s health.


Petnostics has the opportunity to pitch notable entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher for investment in the company while also gaining exposure to a huge national television audience on Shark Tank.

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