Gauthier earned a bachelor’s degree in electro physics from California State University to help him pursue his dream of becoming an electrician. Gauthier quickly returned to his goals to become an electrician and was later hired to work in Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s estate.

Rand Gauthier Net Worth: $200,000

Rand Gauthier Net Worth
Rand Gauthier Net Worth

In 1995, Rand Gauthier broke into Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s mansion to steal a safe containing jewelry and guns, only to discover that it also included their personal sex tapes. The Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape are one of the most well-known and controversial sex tapes of all time, yet little is known about the man who stole it.

Rand Gauthier, a small-time porn actor, didn’t intend to steal the home video; instead, he planned to break into the celebrity couple’s safe when they refused to pay him. Inside, he discovered a tiny black cassette containing nearly an hour of lewd footage. What happened next would transform Rand Gauthier’s life, the lives of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, and the world, and the narrative has now been depicted in a Hulu mini-series delve inside the true story of pam and Tommy and rRand Gauthier.

His father, Dick Gauthier, was a prominent actor who appeared on Broadway in Bye Bye Birdie and on television shows.

By the 1990s, Gauthier had juggled a few different jobs, including contracting work for celebrity couple Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. Lee, the drummer for the motley crew, and Anderson, the star of Baywatch, had shocked the world by marrying in 1995 after a whirlwind romance, and by the time Gauthier entered their lives they’d started an sp When Lee went to the site to pick up his tools, he threatened Gautier with a shotgun.

Gauthier began plotting his revenge after learning that the couple had a safe full of valuables and that, thanks to his extensive work on the premises, Gauthier thought he could get away with, but Rand Gauthier had no idea what the safe actually contained shortly before Halloween 1995, Rand Gauthier put his plan into motion with a white yak fur rug thrown over his head, he hoped to be mistaken for a police officer. Around 3 a.m., Gautier sneaked into the home of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson and made a beeline for the safe. The safe, according to Lee, was the size of a refrigerator and weighed 500 pounds when empty, but Gauthier claims he was able to remove it from the wall, place it on a dolly, and lift it into his truck on his own.

Rand Gauthier Net Worth
Rand Gauthier Net Worth

Once he made his getaway, he used a saw to break inside as he had hoped Leah and Anderson had filled the safe with expensive jewelry and watches, but they’d also left something else there, a tiny black high heel shoe. Gauthier brought a camcorder recording to the porn studio where he worked and knew right away that it had a dangerous side to it, not to mention the morality of the situation. After all, the video was stolen property, and neither lean nor Anderson had allowed its dissemination, so Gauthier teamed up with his friend, porn studio owner Milton Bingley, and tried to find a distributor. But no one wanted to touch it, except the mob.

However, new York City mobster Louis Buchi Perino, a member of the Colombo crime family, agreed to loan Gauthier and ingley the capital to distribute the tape themselves. To do so, they turned to the internet, where people could order the tape for $59.95 and have it delivered discreetly to their door. As 1995 turned into 1996, two things happened almost simultaneously. We knew the tape was in the safe, but we never imagined the robbers were pursuing anything other than firearms and money, according to Lee. Gauthier found himself in peril on numerous fronts at the same time. Lee is said to have enlisted the help of the hell’s angels to harass Gauthier and ingley in order to reclaim the tape. The bikers began showing up to the porn studio where they worked, waving guns and yelling threats. Gauthier’s hopes of wealth fled in a cloud of smoke as he went into hiding, paranoid and insomnia afflicting him. Fake websites selling Lea and Anderson’s sex tape began to appear. Though lee and Anderson filed a ten million dollar civil lawsuit against anyone they believed might have the tape, including Rand Gauthier, things had spiraled out of their control in November 1997 the tape was broadcast in a loop online for subscribers of a site called club love, and by 1998 people could simply pick up the tape at an adult video store today the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape resurfaced today the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Gauthier expressed his envy, saying, “I wish I had something like that.” Anderson and Lee, on the other hand, have a slightly different perspective. The inability to do anything about the tape was causing so much frustration and stress in our relationship, Lee said in 2014, that it was consuming us. Anderson recalled having to sit for depositions with leering men who asked about her sex life old men with crusty white [__] in the corners of their mouths would hold up pictures of me naked in playboy and ask why I’d even care that the tape was out there. According to Anderson, life changed for all three of them as a result of the sex tape. Lee and Anderson divorced, remarried, and divorced again, darting in and out of the limelight over the years. Rand Gauthier finally left Los Angeles and the porn world, leading a much quieter existence.

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