Rafael Pina is the owner of Pina Records and an artist manager.

Raphy Pina Net Worth: $ 10 million

Raphy Pina Net Worth
Raphy Pina Net Worth

Pina Records, Raphy Pina’s reggaeton record label, was founded in 1996. The record label is known for managing some of the most well-known reggaeton artists, making it one of the most successful reggaeton labels.

He has never looked back since his first job and has gone on to launch the new music star’s song through his record level. He has signed a number of well-known singers to his label and helped them launch their careers. In 2001, the business managed Daddy Yankee, a well-known Puerto Rican performer.

Carolina Aristizabal, Raphy Pina’s wife, gave birth to two of his children on December 3, 2011. Raphael was accused of having an affair with Natti Natasha, which led to the couple’s breakup. In the year 2019, they divorced.

Natti Natasha, a Dominican singer, and Raphy Pina, the founder of Pina Records, revealed their engagement in 2021.

On Saturday, May 22, 2021, the “Ram Pam Pam” singer gave birth to her first child, a baby girl named Vida Isabelle Pina Gutiérrez, with her fiancé and music manager Raphy Pina.


Since he was a child, Raphy has been in control of the company’s underground and reggaeton departments. The IRS arrested Pina in 2012 on suspicion of money laundering and fraud. After pleading guilty to participating in a plot to embezzle $4.1 million from the now-defunct Doral bank, he was sentenced to two years of supervised release in 2016. Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves, better known as’Raphy Pina,’ and the current partner of singer Natti Natasha, is facing a difficult legal issue after a jury convicted him guilty of illegally possessing weapons.

Raphy Pina Net Worth
Raphy Pina Net Worth

In the late 1990s, Raphy’s father handled a number of well-known artists, including Juan Luis Guerra and Jose Alberto El Canario. Raphy has been assisting his father in the operation of his music business since he was a toddler. He used to be the head of the corporation’s underground and reggaeton departments. Raphy Pina produced Natti Natasha’s debut album, Illuminatti, in 2019. In the reggaeton music industry, it is the most well-known and successful record label. With a long history and roster of artists, the label today represents Daddy Yankee, R.K.M & Ken-Y, Plan B, and, of course, Natti Natasha.

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