Robert Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, author, and financial knowledge campaigner with a wide range of skills.

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth: $ 100 million

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth
Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth

Robert Kiyosaki began working on merchant ships after finishing his education and traveling across the world. He observed a lot of poverty and new cultures on his travels, which had a tremendous impact on him.

During the Vietnam War, he joined the Marines in 1972 and served as a helicopter gunship pilot. He received the air medal after completing his duty in 1974. He then made the decision to go to New York. Kiyosaki started a new business in the early 1980s, licensing t-shirts to heavy metal music bands. His company was successful at first, but as fashions and music evolved, it began to fall apart, eventually disbanding in 1985.

Despite his setbacks, Kiyosaki remained optimistic and vowed to help others by teaching them how to avoid bankruptcy and achieve prosperity. He began his career as a motivational speaker for personal development, business success, and you. The seminars grew in popularity and spread throughout Canada and the United States. Kisaki began working on merchant ships after finishing his schooling, which allowed him to travel to many regions of the world and learn about new ideologies and ways of life. He also learned about the extremes of poverty that people around the world had to deal with. These journeys left an indelible impression on him. He served in the marine corps as an aeroplane nunship aviator during the Vietnam War in 1972, for which he was awarded the air metal.

He left the marine corps after two years and traveled to New York, where he launched a business of certified t-shirts for heavy metal rock bands like a motley crew, stock, and real estate during the successful age of his second project, which he financed cas. I’m still in real estate, which explains why interest rates are so cheap, and he was left bankrupt and devastated. He began his career as a motivational speaker for Money in You, a personal development firm. The class lasted three days and focused on teaching students about Buckminster Fuller’s silver and gold mines.

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth
Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth

He mentioned in his novel, Conspiracy of the Rich, that he aims to open a copper coalfield to the public as soon as the copper value and worth raise gold, although Robert Kiyosaki worked with gold and silver currencies since he was a teenager. He was known as a gold buck because he had several items in his books, including silver and gold. His first three novels were number one on the best-seller lists of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and the success of these works prompted him to continue with the series, which currently contains 15 volumes.

He went on the Alex Jones Show in 2010 to show off his fortune, which comprised enormous apartment complexes, guest residences, and golf courses. He is also the founder and owner of an oil drilling company. He has given business advice on a variety of television news networks, including CNBC, fox business, and Bloomberg probe into wealthy dad seminars, over the years.

In 2010, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation examined the rich dad seminars affiliated with Kiyosaki for its consumer advocacy program marketplace and discovered that one-day free seminars were held, while three-day courses were marketed for $500. Longer courses, priced between $12,000 and $45,000, were offered to participants throughout the three-day sessions. A hidden camera showed the trainer, Mark Mosso, advising attendees to request that their credit card limits be lifted and handing out scripts with instructions on how to ask for limits as high as $100,000 during a $500 seminar in Kitchener, Ontario.

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