A remarkable film performer and executive producer Ryan Phillippe is known to millions of people across the globe due to his roles in multiple successful TV projects.

Ryan Phillippe Net Worth: $ 30 million

Ryan Phillippe Net Worth
Ryan Phillippe Net Worth

Back in 1992, he got his very first role in a soap opera called One Life to Live, where he played a gay teenager. Five years later he appeared in a film I Know What You Did Last Summer that proved his exceptional acting gift. However, what really brought Ryan international fame and recognition is his role in the war film Flags of Our Fathers of 2006. After that project, the celebrity plays only main roles and can boast of a dozen successful works, including Shooter, The Lincoln Lawyer, Wish Upon, etc. On top of that, Phillippe is the founder of Lucid Films.

He had been married to a stunning multiple-award-winning Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon since 1999 and up till 2008. They got to know each other on a set of Cruel Intentions and that’s how their love story began. After nine years of being together, the actress filed for a divorce.

At one time, Ryan Phillippe was everywhere. He was a rising acting talent and definite heartthrob who was one-half of a beloved Hollywood power couple. But then we found ourselves seeing less and less of him on the big screen. For that to happen to an actor who was once red hot is kind of surprising.

Although Ryan Phillippe was hot stuff in the ’90s, these days, he’s not exactly a top box office draw. He was part of an all-star cast in Crash, a movie that far exceeded its estimated $6.5 million budget by earning over $54 million at the domestic box office. However, movie projects that relied on Phillippe as the lead or co-star haven’t performed nearly as well.

Ryan Phillippe Net Worth
Ryan Phillippe Net Worth

Antitrust, Stop-Loss, Flags of Our Fathers and the SNL comedy MacGruber were all commercial failures. And once an actor earns the label of ‘box office poison,’ it can be very hard to land promising movie roles.

As Ryan Phillippe’s acting career was cooling off, the career of then-wife Reese Witherspoon was starting to heat up. At about the same time Phillippe appeared in Crash, Witherspoon was collecting an Academy Award for her role as June Carter in Walk The Line. The fact that Witherspoon’s career was doing considerably well while Phillippe’s was beginning to stall might not have mattered too much to the public — at least while they were together. Unfortunately for Phillippe, once he and Witherspoon called it quits, the public’s interest in both him and his movies seemed to also fade.

His appearance in the first season of ABC’s crime drama Secrets and Lies was moderately successful, but his character did not return for the second season. Then, his USA Network series Shooter received multiple premiere delays due to real-life tragedies that mirrored the storyline. But fortunately for Philippe’s career prospects, it was renewed for a second season.

Philippe admitted that during his work on the film The Bang-Bang Club in South Africa, he got an up-close look at the poor quality of life of the children there, which inspired him to get involved in Africa-based charities.

Phillippe is also an ambassador for the Innocence Project, an organization dedicated to using DNA evidence to exonerate the wrongfully convicted.

He’s also worked in producer roles for some of his shows, including Secrets and Lies and Shooter, which means he may be ready to diversify his Hollywood portfolio even more in the years to come. Time to return Television has proved a strong comeback vehicle for many Hollywood stars that have fallen out of the spotlight, and Ryan Phillippe’s starring role in several series is certainly helping to re-energize his public profile.

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