Shimon Hayut is the real name of Simon Leviev. Simon is an Israeli conman who has been convicted of theft, forgery, and fraud. He is one of the most well-known con artists in the world. He eventually changed his legal name from Shimon Hayut to Simon Leviev and pretended to be the son of LLD Diamonds CEO Lev Leviev to swindle women online, using the surname Leviev. Lev Leviev is the CEO of LLD Diamonds, a global chain of high-end diamond jewelry boutiques and large European jewelry chains.

Simon Leviev Net Worth: $ 1 million

Simon Leviev Net Worth
Simon Leviev Net Worth

Simon Leviev was sentenced to two years in jail in Finland in 2015, then to 15 months in Israel in 2019. Simon Leviev is still on the run in 2019 for scamming victims in a number of countries, including Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Simon is currently on the run and has not been located.
Leviev was sentenced to prison in 2019 after program-makers assisted authorities in locating him, however, he only served five months.

Netflix documentary, The Tinder Swindler

A new Netflix documentary called The Tinder Swindler takes viewers inside a world-class scam conducted by a bachelor who pretended to be a billionaire. The film was an instant hit, debuting at number two on the streaming service’s top 10 movies in the country, which is predictable considering the film’s gripping story.

What is the name of the tinder con artist?

The con guy informed three women in the movie that he was the rich founder of jewel supplier LLD diamonds and that he had no ties to Russian-Israeli diamond entrepreneur Lev Leviev. For esquire, his real name is Shimon Hayet. The con guy informed three women in the movie that he was the billionaire founder of gem supplier LLD diamonds and that he would flaunt his luxury lifestyle at first to gain their trust.

According to one woman, she lent him $40,000, while another said she lent him $200,000 or more. He swindled $10 million from individuals all around the world and is now a free man in Israel. Hayd was arrested in Israel in 2011 and charged with theft, forgery, and fraud for cashing stolen cheques, but he escaped before being sentenced. He was convicted of scamming women in Finland and returned to Israel in 2017, only to flee the country again in 2018. He subsequently took on a new name and began a career as a con artist. In 2019, he was arrested and accused in Israel of crimes he committed there. His Instagram account, Simon underscore levy of underscore official, has 159 000 followers and has been moved from public to private, indicating that he uses it frequently.

Simon Leviev Net Worth
Simon Leviev Net Worth

He is leaning on a red Ferrari automobile in his most recent image from three months ago, with the message “no matter what people think of you, always keep singing your own song.” Leviev is definitely singing his own tune, and he’s started a new business where he gives business advice for a fee. According to his website, he made it all on his own to become a successful entrepreneur.

Shimon Hait goes by the pseudonym Shimon Leviev. We’ve made a mistake if he’s just like a movie character. Leviev was a real person, and the documentary series is based on a true story that may or may not surprise you once you’ve seen the whole thing.

Simon lev, who was born shimon haiyut in binet brac, a city just east of tel Aviv, had changed his name but had no ties to the Israeli diamond billionaire family, first fled back to Israel in 2011 to avoid going to trials for fraud-related offenses he committed while he was in his early 20s, and then moved to Finland a few years later, where he began his scheme detailed in Netflix’s new documentary well in 2015 Ce Leviev, a notorious con artist, and robber, had suddenly realized that he needed to go on a business trip and invited her to accompany him. Because Cecily is ignorant that Leviev is a con artist, she hurriedly packs her belongings and leaves her residence with the driver waiting to take her up. This was the start of a relationship that would eventually terminate with sici.

On his official Instagram account, he appears to be living a lavish lifestyle in Israel. Leviev may be seen enjoying luxury stuff such as an iPhone, designer shoes, sports cars, and other items in a video posted to his Instagram account. He is, as we all know, a gigantic fake.

Now that Leviev has reinvented himself as a real estate mogul, he appears to be dating an Israeli model. Leviev was portrayed as a reputed millionaire who had played the high stakes in the field of real estate for years in a November 2021 interview with Vince magazine, in which he was described as a reputed millionaire who had played the high stakes in the world of real estate for years.

Something hilarious happened when one of the con artists advised Levy to keep his estates real with this, he added that your networks and relationships with them can either pull the rug out from under your feet or place it just when you need it the most, so choose wisely so that’s what he’s now but you might be wondering how this guy is back in the news so this guy just swindled almost $10 million from his victims across the European continent in just two years bet.

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