Summer Britcher is an American luge player. She was a member of the American Local Sports Club. Britcher made her World Cup debut in Innsbruck in 2013.

Summer Britcher Net Worth: $ 5 million

Summer Britcher Net Worth
Summer Britcher Net Worth

Summer Britcher holds the record for most singles wins in luge history in the United States.

Summer Britcher, 27, is gearing up to compete in the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing she was the first team member to officially qualify for the 2022 USA luge singles team her other women’s singles teammates include Emily Sweeney Britney Arndt and Ashley Farka harden her former teammate in 2014 Olympic gold medalist Aaron Hamlin retired after 2018 Olympic.

The summer 2021 Olympic athletes infamously slept on cardboard beds in Tokyo, but that is not the case this time as the beds are adjustable with remotes for maximum comfort.

Summer has competed in the Olympics twice, first with the luge team in the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi and then again in the 2018 winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. She didn’t place in either, but the professional athlete has a positive attitude about it.

Summer nearly cost her a spot in the 2022 winter Olympics when she broke her middle finger on her left hand during a crash in the Segunda world cup. Despite the fact that she announced her injury exactly four weeks before the games, she plans to compete. “I will still be competing in Beijing, and with such a great team supporting me, I am confident that I will be recovered enough to pull and paddle my way to some fast start times in the games,” she said.

Summer has unquestionably earned the title of luge champion, having won five world cup titles. Her victories came in 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020, and 2021, putting her in a strong position to win gold at the 2022 Olympics, despite the fact that she has yet to win there.

Summer Britcher Net Worth
Summer Britcher Net Worth

Her five victories earned her the title of all-time singles leader in US luge history, and she won a gold medal in the Youth Olympics this summer. Summer may not have won any medals in the two winter Olympics she competed in, but she did win gold in the Youth Olympics in 2012 when she was just 17 years old for the team relay event.

She has also earned the title of national champion after competing in the Norton USA luge championships twice and winning their junior championship in 2013 5. One of the USA luge staff members approached my parents and said, “Hey, I think your kid has some promise. You should consider taking her up to Lake Placid, New York, where we have a genuine loss track and she can try out for the team.”

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