Tommyinnit Networth ; $ 2.2 Million

Tommyinnit Net Worth
Tommyinnit Net Worth

TommyInnit is an American YouTube and Twitch personality named Thomas “Tommy” Simmons. He is most well-known for his Twitch and YouTube live-streamed Minecraft videos. Tommy primarily creates Dream SMP, SMP Earth, Hypixel Skyblock, and Minecraft Championship videos.

His seven YouTube channels have a total of 21.4 million subscribers and 1.56 billion views; his main Twitch channel has 6.1 million followers, making him Twitch’s most-followed Minecraft channel and the 12th most-followed overall.


Channels on YouTube
His YouTube channels include TommyInnit, TommyOutit, TommyVODS, Tom,Simons,tomaye,TommyCLIPS, and Channelnutpig.

On February 15, 2013, Simons launched Channelnutpig, his first YouTube channel.

On December 24, 2015, he established the TommyInnit channel.

On September 9th, 2018, he posted his first video to his TommyInnit channel.

From 4,800 to 66,000 subscribers, his TommyInnit channel grew quickly. Simons joined the Dream SMP, a roleplaying-focused Minecraft server managed by YouTuber Dream, on July 4, 2020.

Simons published a video of himself in August 2020, which has received more than 31 million views.

On April 1, 2021, Simons launched a new YouTube channel under his own name, and two months later, he uploaded his first video.


Simons first started streaming Minecraft, PUBG, and Fortnite on Twitch in late 2018.

Simons live streamed the Dream SMP finale, named The Dream SMP Finale, on January 20, 2021, which drew over 650,000 views, surpassing Ninja’s Fortnite collaboration with Drake as the third-highest all-time concurrent viewer livestream on Twitch.

Tommyinnit Net Worth
Tommyinnit Net Worth

In the year 2021, he became a Guinness World Record holder.

Spamming in the Lobby

TommyInnit employed “Lobby Spamming” to acquire viewers on his live streams when he first started streaming on Twitch in 2018. Lobby spamming is when you enter a Hypixel Lobby full of gamers and put your stream link as well as any form of clickbait, such as false giveaways or something else. To make Lobby Spamming easier, Tommy and his pal Badlinu set some chat macros.

Rank on YouTube

He formally announced on September 20, 2019, that he had earned YouTube rank, but then remarked on April 27, 2020, that earning the rank was tough because you must have suffered a punishment during the previous six months.He couldn’t apply for this because of his 30-day suspension on June 26, 2019, but a Hypixel Admin, Jamie, was kind enough to give it to him anyhow.

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