Touker Suleyman is a British-Turkish successful businessman and fashion investor who is back for a 19th season on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den. He is a multibillionaire retail and fashion entrepreneur, an investor, and a reality television host.

Touker Suleyman Net Worth : £150 million

Touker Suleyman Net Worth
Touker Suleyman Net Worth

Touker Suleyman was born in Famagusta, Cyprus, on August 4, 1953. In 1959, his family immigrated to England from Northern Cyprus, settling in Bermondsey, South London.

Family restaurant

His family started a restaurant, therefore he went to Peckham Manor secondary school. He had a terrible hand infection that nearly resulted in the amputation of his left hand, and as a result, he missed a year of school.

Suleyman admitted to being a loner in school, but he was also a brilliant fellow, which contributed to his achievement.

As a Clerk

Suleyman worked as an articled clerk for a chartered accountancy firm in Southampton Row after graduating from high school. He did keep track of tiny clientele such as dentists and small enterprises making less than €5 per week.

Founder of clothing company

Suleyman founded a clothing company in 1976 that supplied high-end companies with women’s clothes. He was motivated to start the business after giving some Crimplene clothing to his grandmother, whose acquaintances were fascinated and insisted that he supply them with the items. For almost a year, his grandmother assisted him in selling the clothing. Following that, he temporarily worked with a manufacturing company before launching Kingsland Models, which supplied Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop, and other retailers with apparel. Suleyman invested in Mellins, a clothing line, in his early twenties, owning a 29.9% share in the company.

He was encouraged to purchase a stake in retailer Bamber Stores, assuming the company has €500 million in assets. When Coopers & Lybrand hired accountants to audit Bambers Stores, they discovered that the company’s figures had been doctored and that it was €25 million in debt. Suleyman quit, and the company’s stock was placed on hold. Mellins sold his house to repay the money he owed the bank in order to rescue himself.

Touker Suleyman Net Worth
Touker Suleyman Net Worth

Suleyman bought a modest cash-and-carry firm, a clothes manufacturer that supplied UK retail establishments, in the mid-1980s. Low Profile Group is his company’s name, and it has factories in Turkey, Bulgaria, and Georgia. Suleyman and his brother entered the fashion industry full-time in 2001, after a successful career in retail and manufacturing.

Suleyman’s Low Profile Group came to Hawes & Curtis’ rescue in 2004 as the company grew. By 2014, he had purchased the company for €1 and transformed its €500,000 debt into €30 million. “The best deal I’ve ever done in my life was buying Hawes & Curtis for a pound,” Suleyman says, “but I hope that’s not my last deal.”
His role as chairman of Hawes & Curtis has not changed.

Under Suleyman’s direction, Hawes & Curtis expanded internationally by 2013. It now has over 30 UK outlets as well as a presence in Germany. Hawes & Curtis opened roughly 26 locations in the Middle East as part of a cooperation with Korath Holding, mostly in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman. Hawes & Curtis has stated that they are interested in doing business in other Eastern countries, such as Indonesia. The company began with shirts and has now expanded to include jackets, knitwear, and suits.
Brand Ghost

He was inspired to go on another rescue expedition after his success with Hawes and Curtis. The second time was with a different women’s fashion retailer. Over a hundred jobs were saved across the company as a result of the acquisition of the fashion brand Ghost. Suleyman bought the company from KCAJ, an Icelandic investment fund. He relaunched Ghost in 2012, and it has since become one of the most popular women’s fashion brands in the UK.

Suleyman “The Dragon”

Suleyman has been a ‘Dragon’ since 2015 and has participated on the BBC 2 business TV show Dragons’ Den. He is the only remaining investor from the thirteenth series, alongside Peter Jones, who has been on the show since the beginning and is still the richest ‘Dragon.’

Tashia and Taya, the British-Turkish entrepreneur’s two lovely kids, are often on display, yet little is known about their mother and wife. Touker Suleyman bought his first property in Highgate in 1978, but had to sell it to pay off his debt from Bambers Stores.

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