Travis Kelce is one of two football phenoms known as the Kelce brothers.

Travis Kelce Net Worth: $ 12 million

Travis Kelce Net Worth
Travis Kelce Net Worth

Reality TV show,

He was the star of a reality show. He had his own reality TV show, “Catching Kelce,” a dating show on E! Entertainment Television. Kelce searched for a partner on the show, which began in October 2016 and chose from 50 potential ladies, each from a different state in the United States. Maya Benberry was his last choice, however, they only dated for roughly a year before breaking up in January of 2017. The television show lasted eight episodes.

An athlete

Kelce is a versatile athlete. Since his childhood, he has always been a standout athlete. He was a three-sport star in high school, excelling in basketball and baseball as well. Even back then, his talent shone brightest in football. He was a gifted quarterback who earned All-Lake Erie League honours in his senior year after accumulating 2,539 yards of offence.

Family background

His brother is a football player as well. He isn’t the only member of the Kelce family who has made a name for himself in the NFL. Jason Kelce was picked in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. Jason, who is older, is still a centre for the Philadelphia Eagles and is a Super Bowl champion. He has been named to the Pro Bowl three times and twice to the All-Pro first team.


Kelce’s brother Jason was also a major influence in his decision to attend the University of Cincinnati and play football. While Travis was deciding which college team to play for, Jason was the starting left guard for the Bearcats. Coming out of high school, rated Travis as a two-star prospect. Several universities had offered him scholarships, including Akron, Miami, and Eastern Michigan. He, on the other hand, turned down all of these offers, eventually accepting a position at the University of Cincinnati, where he would join his brother.

NFL career

He’s had a long history of character flaws. In the NFL, one’s ability on the field is just as important as their character off it. Teams are generally leery of a player’s past, personal history, and concerns about their character when they are drafted. Kelce is one of the many NFL players who has struggled with his character both on and off the field. During his 2013 combine, one assessor allegedly dubbed him a “train disaster character-wise.” He was previously suspended for a whole season in college for violating team rules. He also missed time with the squad after failing a drug test, it turned out. Even though he claims to have matured beyond his immaturity, he still makes mistakes. He had an incident with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy lately, forcing him to the sideline.

Both Jason and Travis have worked with Andy Reid. Andy Reid, 61, is one of the NFL’s most illustrious coaches. Both Kelce brothers have played under him, which is a rare occurrence. Andy Reid is the current head coach of Travis’ current team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Prior to that, he was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999 to 2012, where he coached Jason during his first few years in the NFL. Coach Reid saw Travis for the first time when he went to visit his brother in Philadelphia. Reid’s son was a member of the Temple Owls, a Cincinnati rival.

Travis Kelce Net Worth
Travis Kelce Net Worth

Family support

His mother supports him and his sibling in a unique way. Mrs. Kelce is constantly switching between supporting one of her two sons, Jason and Travis, who are both NFL players. When the inevitable came and they were pitted against each other for the first time in their professional careers, their mother Donna was ready. She had a custom jersey manufactured for her, which was a mix of red Chiefs and green Eagles jerseys. Jason’s number 62 was on the back of the jersey, while Travis’ number 87 was on the front.


Kelce is dating Kayla Nicole, an entertainment reporter. He’s been dating Kayla Nicole for almost two years, with allegations of their romance initially circulating in May of 2017. This came after he ended his relationship with Maya Benberry, the winner of his dating reality programme earlier this year. Their relationship has not been easy throughout the years. Kelce is based in Kansas City, while Kayla is based in Los Angeles, and there have been accusations that he has cheated on her. The two, who announced their engagement shortly after making their romance public, always seem to find a way to overcome obstacles.

As a phone surveyor

He used to work as a phone surveyor. He worked as a phone survey operator in college, largely asking the good folks of Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana how they felt about the Affordable Care Act, which had just been approved at the time. The majority of those he polled expressed dissatisfaction with it.

A professional baseball player

Kelce considered becoming a professional baseball player. He’s had his share of challenges, but probably the most challenging was when he was forced to sit out a year of collegiate football due to a suspension. He shared a room with his sibling and had to work construction with a teammate’s father to pay for college. Before his family intervened, he toyed with the idea of becoming a professional baseball player. His father persuaded him not to flee the hardships in his life at the moment, while his brother persuaded the University of Cincinnati to give him another chance. His coach eventually let him return, but only as a tight end.

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